Plenty Xmess hub

Mess during the festive season tends to be on turbo-charge. We’re not talking little accidents, or the odd splatter of gravy on the countertop; we’re talking big spills of red wine after an overenthusiastic game of Monopoly, or the ‘colourful’ upchuck from secretly feeding too much turkey to the family pet.

In fact, sometimes that ‘Christmas warmth’ you’re seeking comes in the form of mulled wine seeping down your trouser leg, or your favourite fluffy slipper unexpectedly meeting a puddle of lukewarm runaway gravy.

But this isn’t the stuff of nightmares. Those Eggnog spillages or wayward sprouts toppling off the counter and landing with a splat on the kitchen floor don’t have to lead to gasps, grunts or groans – not at least when you have Plenty.

Strong and absorbent, our household towel stands its ground – you can rinse it, wring it and start mopping again without it falling apart. Its sturdiness against even the toughest spills or grease stains make it the perfect addition to your tinsel-lined cupboards this festive season.

Spritzing your home ahead of the big day and making use of a Christmas cleaning checklist can help take away some of the strain. Plus, recruiting other members of the family to pitch in and help with tidying up at the end of an Eggnog-fuelled day can help ease the load too. Most importantly, you need the right tools to tackle Xmess right – so it’s a good thing Plenty doesn’t fall apart when you need it most.