We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact

We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact

At Plenty, we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact, while caring for your well-being too. Through innovation in product, packaging and production, we’re finding ways to be more sustainable as a company.  

Certified compostable* kitchen roll sheets

Certified compostable* kitchen roll sheets

Plenty Original kitchen roll sheets are now certified compostable! Find out exactly what this means.

100% recyclability by 2025

100% recyclability by 2025 

Reducing, replacing and recycling our packaging is a key priority for us.

25% less CO2 from energy and electricity by 2030

25% less CO2 from energy and electricity by 2030

We’re working towards making our packaging more and more sustainable, committing to a goal of 100% recyclability and the use of 85% renewable or recycled materials by 2025.

Sustainability facts and ideas 

Clean and green! 10 tips for eco-friendly cleaning

From baking soda and lemon cleaning methods to a surprising kitchen cupboard treatment for mould, read our sustainable cleaning products ideas for your home!

Eco friendly cleaning products such as a lemon, lime, and baking soda on a wooden chopping board

What does biodegradable mean and what is non-biodegradable?

Biodegradable and non-biodegradable? What do they mean?! Don’t fret, discover the definitions and biodegradable materials to become an eco-friendly pro!

A young girl and boy discussing what is biodegradable out of the foods they're putting in their food waste bin

Reducing waste at home: The easy way

Find out how to save energy at home and reduce food waste with our top tips. Read on for handy pointers for making your household more eco-friendly.

3 children learning how to reduce waste by making crafts from recyclable plastics and cardboard tubes

6 tips on how to save water at home

Learn how to save water at home. Find five easy ways to conserve water, so you can bring down your waste and make some clever savings in the process, here.

A man and his young daughter learning how to save water whilst brushing their teeth together in a bathroom

Vegetable stock recipe: How to make vegetable stock from scraps

Learn how to make vegetable stock from scraps with our vegetable stock recipe that uses leftovers, to waste less!

A man adds chopped garlic to a pot on an induction stove.

Donating clothes to charity: how to donate clothes

Care for the community by donating your clothes to charity! Learn how to give clothes to charity and prepare your items for donation in this article.

A woman sorts clothing into a box in a cozy living room.

Is kitchen roll recyclable? Recycling paper towel FAQs answered

Wondering ‘is paper towel recyclable’? Find out if paper towel recycling is possible and whether you can recycle napkins, too!

A dad washes hands with his toddler at a kitchen sink.

Upcycling clothes: how to upcycle clothes and give them a second life

If you don’t know what to do with unwanted clothes, you could consider upcycling them! Learn how to upcycle clothes such as t-shirts and old jeans.

Woman holds up a beige garment, looking at it closely.

Sustainable gift ideas: 10 sustainable gifts for eco-friendly people

Are you looking for eco gift ideas for your sustainable loved ones? Here are 10 sustainable gifts for eco-friendly people, that are kind to the planet!

Laughing friends hold coffee cups outside.

How to save money on food shopping with eco-friendly shopping tips

Want to know how to save money on groceries and how to shop sustainably at the same time? Look no further than our top tips.

Two kids play with oranges; parents unpack groceries.

Shortage of water: what is water stress and what can we do about it?

What is water stress, and what can we do to reduce its impact? Learn about water stress, its definition, causes, effects, and how to help water scarcity.

Boys rinse fresh veggies under tap in a modern kitchen.

What to do with leftover food: creative ways to use food leftovers

From leftover chicken ideas, to what to do with leftover rice, find out how to get the most from your food leftovers.

Two children joyfully helps two adults cook, stirring ingredients in a bowl.

How to speed up composting: 10 hacks to accelerate your compost

Are you looking for ways to speed up your compost? Discover how to accelerate compost with our 10 hacks. Accelerating your compost has never been easier!

A woman in a blue shirt peels vegetables into a compost bin.