Sustainable gift ideas: 10 sustainable gifts for eco-friendly people

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Finding gifts for environmentally conscious friends can be rewarding and impactful and is guaranteed to make your loved ones happy! Keep reading to discover 10 sustainable gift ideas that are thoughtful, original, perfect for your loved ones and kind to the planet. Just picture your family and friends, young and old, tearing into their sustainable gift and flinging recycled wrapping paper around the living room in a snowstorm of excitement! Worth every piece found under the sofa a week later. 

1. Sustainable gift ideas: Plant a tree in their name

Okay, there might not be any wrapping paper confetti involved in this one, but planting a tree in someone’s name is of the most long-lasting gifts for eco-friendly people. But planting a tree and dedicating it to a loved one is not only a unique gift, but also benefits the planet. Trees play an essential part in the ecosystem, from providing clean air to storing carbon.1,2 With the threat of deforestation, planting a tree is a small gesture that can make a difference in striving to ensure a sustainable future. That’s why it’s also an ideal green gift idea for eco-friendly people!

And if the tree you've planted is nearby, why not celebrate its new beginnings with a picnic under its budding branches? Pack some sticky jam sandwiches and sweet homemade lemonade and tuck in under the branches. Remember some kitchen towel for the inevitable blobs of sticky jam that end up down your loved one’s white t shirt! 


From sticky fingers to sodden picnic blankets, Plenty Flexisheets are the ideal clean-up companion. Winner of Product of the Year 2024*, Flexisheets have more perforations than regular kitchen roll, meaning you choose how much you use depending on the size of the spill. They also last up to 50% longer**, so you and your sustainability-inclined friends can save more, and waste less!

2. House plants

House plants are the perfect gift for the sustainably minded and have a load of benefits, like reducing stress3 and improving indoor air quality.4 Plus, depending on the type of plant, they can be relatively easy to look after. Just keep the soil-filled pots out of reach of curious pets or children... There are plenty of other great hiding places for their favourite toys, right?! 

3. Eco-friendly experience days

Instead of looking for material presents, you could also think about gifting an experience. Your eco-conscious loved ones will probably love spending a day at an organic farm or participating in a wildlife conservation workshop. Eco-friendly experience days are excellent gifts for sustainable friends: they offer memorable experiences while also educating and inspiring sustainable practices. This green gift idea suits friends and family members of all ages, who love learning new things and appreciate hands-on experiences. 

 4. Sustainable home goods

Items like biodegradable towels and reusable water bottles make fantastic eco gift ideas. These practical gifts for environmentally conscious friends allow them to incorporate sustainable alternatives in their everyday life. 

5. Handcrafted upcycled items

Upcycling old, unwanted items to turn them into thoughtful gifts showcases creativity, while also reducing waste – and saving money – as you are giving existing items a second life. Whether it’s a piece of artwork or a functional item like a bag or a piece of furniture, these environmental gift ideas are unique, and care for the planet. Who cares that you’ve accidentally sequinned your other half’s freshly cleaned laundry in the process? It’s fashion. Upcycle household items, old pieces of fabric, or clothes, and give them as personalised, sustainable gifts to your loved ones! 

6. Donation to an environment cause

Making a donation in someone's name to an environmental organisation is a meaningful gift for environmentally conscious friends. This gesture supports vital work that helps the environmental cause, and also shows that you care about your friend’s passions by striving to align with their values. Research the cause your loved one is passionate about, and then make a donation. 

7. Sustainable fashion or beauty products

Clothing made from sustainable materials like organic cotton or recycled polyester is a great gift for an eco-friendly person. Your loved ones are guaranteed to appreciate this gift that combines style with sustainability. Similarly, eco-friendly beauty products that are free from harmful chemicals and packaged in recyclable materials are thoughtful gifts for environmentally conscious friends. They can become part of their self-care routine, while also being caring to the planet.

8. Solar-powered gadgets

For tech-savvy friends, solar-powered gadgets are innovative sustainable gifts. These gadgets harness renewable energy and are perfect for anyone interested in green technology. They promise alternatives to everyday gadgets that represent a step towards achieving a sustainable lifestyle.5 Here are some solar-powered gadgets that can make good eco-friendly gift ideas: 

  • Chargers 
  • Garden lights 
  • Torches 
  • Speakers 
  • Headphones... 

9. Organic food basket

A basket or care package filled with organic and locally sourced foods is a delightful eco-friendly gift idea. It’s a tasty treat that supports local businesses and reduces the environmental impact linked to food production, and that is suitable for foodies of all ages. On sustainable food, why not check out our guide on how to shop sustainably at the grocery store? 


You can wrap foods such as vegetables and fruits in strong and absorbent kitchen towels to add a layer of protection, and make sure that they look fresh and new when they arrive to your loved ones!

10. Educational eco games

Educational games focused on environmental themes are excellent green gift ideas. These games can be educational board games or video games on sustainability matters, that can be played with family members of all ages. Help nurture sustainability awareness from an early age by gifting your younger loved ones educational eco games to play! 

Looking for some good old-fashioned games to play with loved ones? Check out our guide on how to make recycling fun! 

Choosing sustainable gift ideas is a wonderful way to show your loved ones that you care about them and the planet. Each of these gifts carries a message of hope and commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. By embracing eco-friendly gift ideas, for not only your eco-passionate friends, but other loved ones too, you can nudge your friends and family towards sustainable habits, contributing to a greener future. Sustainability is an ambition we all strive for, and every small step counts in making a difference.

*Winner General Household Category (Survey of 8,000 people in UK & ROI). 

**Length of roll when compared to Plenty Original. 


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