Messy Pets

Messy Pets

Love is messy and the one's we love make the most mess! Plenty is celebrating love in all it’s messy forms with our favourite pet mess makers.. meaning cleaning up for love makes doing it a whole lot easier!

We all know that with pets, comes chaos and mess. Whether its mucky pawprints on the freshly cleaned floor, fur covered jumpers or stains on the new carpet - at the end of the day we wouldn’t have it any other way because we love our pets no matter how messy they might seem!

We celebrate love that’s worth the mess because our products are strong enough to deal with whatever icky, yucky mess our pets create and to put our products to the test we’ve recruited our first ever ‘Chief Mess Makers’.

We have recruited chief mess makers Dante the cat and Marley & Mabel into the Plenty family to show that sometimes the mess made by our furry friends can test our patience but never our love for them.

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