Plenty Kitchen Towels

Plenty is 40% more absorbent* and stays strong when wet – but have we passed your mess-busting test? We would love to hear all the ways that Plenty helps!

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*vs the next best selling brand. Based on laboratory tests (February 2021)

True love is not the kind you find in poems or love songs. The kind of love we’re talking about will make a man get down on bended knee and pull his partner’s wet, matted hair out of a clogged-up shower drain. It’s about the baby vomit on the walls and your top, and somehow, you still see the funny side. Because true love conquers everything, and so does Plenty kitchen roll – it’s absorbent, strong-when-wet kitchen paper that you can rely on when the going gets gross. Dog pee at 3 in the morning? Salmon casserole you cooked with love for your toddler all over the floor? Just wipe it and wring it out. One sheet does Plenty. Discover the full range of Plenty kitchen towels here.


Whether you go for Plenty Handy Towels (in super convenient single sheets) for spillages that catch you off guard, Plenty MAX The Extra Big One for mammoth messes, The Stylish One if you’re feeling fancy, or your old friend, The Original One, there’s something for every slip up. Love is messy, so wipe, mop, scrub, have a laugh, and move on with Plenty paper towels.

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