Plenty Everyday

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Strong & absorbent
Available in packs of:
  • 2 ply
  • Plenty Everyday: affordable quality for everyday life
  • Economy-sized handy sheets
  • The same strong & absorbent Plenty kitchen towel to help with everyday spills
  • Scrubbable, wringable, reusable
Product description

Introducing NEW Plenty Everyday, our essentials range of household towels that are strong and absorbent. Its got economy sized handy smaller sheets to help you with everyday spills. Plenty Everyday is an affordable brand quality kitchen roll that is both strong & absorbent to help with your cleaning needs.

From your partner's signature Bolognese which has splashed, spilt and splattered its rich and tomatoey sauce across the hob, counter top and your favourite t-shirt, to your little one's DIY art project (throwing food from their high chair) - life throws it all at us, every day.

In return, we need a lot from our kitchen roll. Scrubbable, wringable and reusable, Plenty Everyday kitchen roll is up to the job. And 50% more absorbent, Plenty kitchen roll soaks up the everyday messes that find their way into every room in the house! Whether it's chunks of tasty beef, nestling in their little pools of tomato sauce, or the faintest outlines of apple slices, Plenty Everyday is there.

Did you know the Plenty paper towels packaging is now made with 55% recycled plastic? We care for the environment, and we aim to make all of our packaging 100% recyclable by 2030. Just one more reason to love Plenty Everyday kitchen roll.