Plenty Flexisheets

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Available in packs of:
  • 2 ply
  • Average 250 sheets per Plenty kitchen roll
  • Voted 2024 Product of the Year*
  • Scrubbable, wringable, reusable
  • Plenty paper towels are 50%¹ more absorbent
  • 50% Longer rolls**
  • Plenty Flexisheets*** are compostable, when used on compostable messes
Product description

Wettable, Wringable & Scrubbable, Plenty Flexisheets deliver the same outstanding results and superior performance you can expect from Plenty kitchen towel but with a twist. With Flexisheets, you choose what you use! No matter how big or small the spill or splash, always have the perfect amount of kitchen roll ready.

Love the idea of Flexisheets? Find out more about Flexisheets and how they help you get more for you money.

Giving you the option to choose what you use, and with 50% longer rolls, Flexisheets Tubeless – voted Product of the Year 2024 - is kinder to your wallet! So, whether it’s a small splash on the hob or your mischievous pup is bounding around the house with muddy paws, with Plenty Flexisheets, you’ll always have the exact amount of kitchen roll you need for the task at hand.

50% more absorbent and stays strong when wet, Plenty’s superior performance is perfect for every task in, around and out of the home. Why not keep a roll in the glovebox for when the triple-stacked, sweet, and sticky ice-cream drips down the cone and onto your fingers (if you haven’t already licked them spotless)? Or for when the inevitable happens, and your ice-cream is now food for the ants?

What’s more, there’s no cardboard core to recycle and less plastic**** in the packaging! While there’s 55% recycled plastic in the packaging, our goal is to make all of our packaging 100% recyclable by 2030.

Ever wondered ‘can kitchen roll be composted?’ Well, along with Plenty Original and Plenty MAX, Plenty Flexisheets are now certified compostable! That means when you’re done with your compostable mess, you can throw your Flexisheet compostable paper towel on the compost heap, where it turns into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. They’re great for the house and now for the garden – what's not to love?

Got questions? Check out our FAQs to learn more about Plenty Flexisheets compostable paper towel! And why not learn more about Plenty’s other sustainability initiatives too.

¹ Claim based on laboratory data Dec 23

Please contact for verification details

  1. Winner General Household Category. Survey of 8,000 people in UK & ROI
  2. Length of roll when compared to Plenty Original
  3. Plenty kitchen towels are certified as home and industrially compostable according to NF T 50-800 and EN14995.
  4. Compared to Plenty Original 1R

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