Plenty Flexisheets

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Available in packs of:
  • 2 ply
  • Average 250 sheets per roll
  • Available in 1 roll and 2 rolls
  • Voted 2024 Product of the Year
Product description

Choose what you use with NEW Plenty Flexisheets Tubeless kitchen roll. Flexi-sized sheets allow you to waste less and save more - 50% Longer rolls* mean more sheets per roll so you run out less often.
Wettable, wringable and scrubbable. Still 40% more absorbent¹ and stays strong when wet, Plenty’s superior performance is perfect for every task around the home.
With no cardboard core to recycle and less plastic** in the packaging. Plenty Flexisheets Tubeless is better for the environment. It's no wonder Plenty  Flexisheets have been voted 2024 Product of the Year! (Winner General Household Category. Survery of 8,000 people in UK & ROI)

¹ Versus next best selling brand. Based on laboratory tests February 22


  1. Two x Flexisheets Tubeless 1 roll packs are equal to three x Plenty Original 1 roll packs
  2. One x Plenty Flexisheets Tubeless 2 roll pack is equal to one x Plenty Original 3 roll pack.

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