Coffee-stained carpet? Cleaning ideas to try 

Cup of java turned into overflowing lava? Here's how to deal with the spillage situation

Coffee stains on a beige carpet

It’s always those early mornings where you’re tired and your loved ones goes to make you a coffee. And as they’re about to pass it to you, it goes soaring across the floor. ‘Argh there’s a massive coffee stain! Carpet’s ruined!’ Whoa there. There’s no need to worry – accidents happen, and you can remove coffee stain from carpet fibres.  


It might be a brand-new carpet in your brand-new home (it always seems to be something brand-new, doesn’t it?)  or your new housemate’s had an accident and spilt coffee on carpet in your new shared pad. Whatever the situation, you really can get coffee out of carpet piles, and it’s not as hard as you might think. So, before you start browsing online stores for a budget-busting rug to cover the mess, save yourself some time and money by learning how to remove coffee stains from carpet. 


How to get coffee out of carpet – your coffee stain cleaning kit 


As long as you’ve got the right supplies, there’s no need to panic just because there’s a brown splodge in the middle of your floor. Your pristine floor. Nope, fear not!  


It’s OK if your floor is covered in a load of different stains from over the years (that Bolognese sauce stain hanging on from 2018 is part of the household lore), this stain can be different! Here’s what you need to get coffee stains out of carpet piles: 


  • A bowl 
  • White vinegar 
  • Washing up liquid 
  • Warm water 
  • Sponge 
  • Kitchen towel 
  • A cool head – remember, you can lift a coffee stain out of carpet floors, no matter how much you (or someone else) has managed to chuck all over the place. 


How to get coffee stains out of carpet 


What’s the first step when you’re trying to remove coffee stain from carpet floors? Blotting. Plenty of blotting. With really good kitchen towel. Try not to rub, as you run the risk of working the coffee further into the carpet. Time to get on your hands and knees then! 


Tip: When you need to get coffee out of carpet floors quickly, Plenty kitchen towel is more than up to the challenge. Its super-absorbency will start to draw the brown stuff away from the carpet super-fast – twice as fast, in fact. And you don’t need to worry about it breaking down and adding to the mess, either, because it stays strong, even when wet. Phew. 


How to remove coffee stains from carpet floors – a disappearing act 


Blotting is essential to get coffee stain out of carpet piles successfully but blotting alone might not shift the java completely. Have a hunt around your kitchen for the ingredients we mentioned earlier for that coffee cleaning kit, then: 


  1. Combine a splash of vinegar, a good squeeze of washing up liquid and a couple of cups of warm water in your bowl. 
  2. Test the mixture in an inconspicuous area to make sure it’s OK to use on the rest of your floor! 
  3. Starting at the edge of the spillage, sponge the stain with a bit of your homemade carpet cleaning solution. 
  4. Work deliberately and use a little at a time. After sponging, take a sheet of kitchen towel and blot as you go. It’s a double-pronged approach to disappear the disaster. 
  5. Once you’ve dabbed away at the entire stain, rinse the carpet with clean water. Blot again with kitchen towel and you’re done. Coffee stain? What coffee stain? 


Remember, accidents will happen, and there’s nothing to worry about. Once you’ve successfully got a coffee stain out of carpet fibres you’ll be able to laugh about it with friends, flatmates and family – perhaps over a nice cup of Joe… cleaning kit at the ready! 


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