Easy tips for removing chewing gum from carpet and sofas 

Getting off the sofa can be hard enough, never mind if there's chewing gum keeping you there too...

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Chewing gum on the carpet? If you’ve ever tried removing chewing gum by scrubbing it off, then spotted the gum that’s leftover in the carpet, having been squashed in even further, we know how you feel. No amount of strong scrubbing seems to make a difference; the plasticky surface of the gum remains unconcerned no matter how much soap you attack it with. And you’re left wondering how to get chewing gum off carpet and sofa fabrics – is it a mystery? 

Fear not. Chewing gum is not invincible – you might just be using the wrong weapons. The best approaches to removing chewing gum on carpet fibres and upholstery uses the power of temperature, not physical strength. Here’s how to get chewing gum off carpet fibres and sofa surfaces using ice and heat. 

Method 1: How to get chewing gum out of carpet using ice 

You will need: 

  • An ice cube or two 
  • A strong paper towel 
  • A metal spoon or a blunt knife (like a butter knife)

How to get chewing gum out of carpet using ice? Really?’ We hear you. Freezing chewing gum with an ice cube reduces its sticking strength – its rubbery softness at room temperature is what allows it to cling so stubbornly. Once it’s hard and brittle, you can chip it off with a blunt knife or a spoon. Here’s how to get chewing gum out of carpet fibres and sofa fabrics with ice: 

  1. Wrap an ice cube in a paper towel so it’s easy to handle and rub it over the gum. 
  2. Keep the ice in contact with the gum for 5 minutes or more to make sure it’s frozen solid. 
  3. Use a metal spoon or a blunt knife to gently chisel between the gum and the sofa or carpet fabric. 

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Using a good quality paper towel makes light work of the job, but you won’t need much. Use just one piece of Plenty The Original One to avoid waste.

Method 2: How to remove chewing gum from a carpet using heat 

How to remove gum from fabric: What you’ll need 

  • An iron 
  • A few strong paper towels 
  • A metal spoon or a blunt knife like a butter knife

 Wondering how to get chewing gum out of carpet without ice? This is a little messier than the freezing technique, but it’s still a helpful trick for removing chewing gum on carpets and upholstery if you don’t have any ice to hand. While ice makes the sticky properties of the gum freeze up and release their grip, melting the gum with an iron relaxes the sticky bond, making the whole molten blob easy to scrape off. Here’s how to remove chewing gum from carpet and sofa surfaces using heat: 

  1. Place a couple of strong paper towels over the area where the gum is stuck. 
  2. Set the iron to a medium heat and place it where the gum is stuck, so that the layer of paper towels is a barrier between the iron and the gum. 
  3. Do not move the iron around (this could spread the gum further) but lift it up frequently to check if the gum is melted. Make sure you’re not burning through the paper towels. 
  4. When the gum is very soft, lift off the paper towels. Some of the gum should come off with the towels. 
  5. While the gum is still molten, use a metal spoon or a butter knife to scrape as much of the remaining gum as possible off the fabric. 

Chewing gum on carpet: getting rid of the residue 

After you’ve got as much of the gum as possible out of the material, it’s time to tackle the residual traces of chewing gum on carpet. To get rid of the really stubborn bits of gum, you might need to use an oil-based product. 

An oil soap for wood works well if you have it, but peanut butter is a good kitchen cupboard alternative to remove chewing gum from carpet and upholstery. Just remember to test whichever you choose on a small, hidden area first to avoid damage. Here’s how to get chewing gum off carpet and upholstery entirely: 

  1. Apply your chosen product to the gum residue. Make sure this is concentrated on the gum itself and not spread around too much, as you’ll need to wash it off quickly afterwards. 
  2. Work the product around the gum gently with your fingers. 
  3. Ease the remaining traces of gum away from the carpet or upholstery with a clean kitchen towel. 


The best way to avoid gum stains is to remove the gum quickly, before it has a time to fuse to the fibres. Keep a pack of Plenty The Original One in the car in case you have a gum disaster when you’re on the go. Their waterproof packaging keeps them well protected.

Once the material is clear, clean it up to prevent any staining. Blot the area with warm soapy water, then rinse by blotting with warm clean water. Now your carpet or upholstery is free of chewing gum, all that’s left is to leave the damp area to air dry. And you can feel confident you know how to get chewing gum off fabric and carpets if it happens again! 

Chewing gum on carpet: prevention is better than a cure! 

Life throws a lot at us. It's not always easy to see it coming, and it’s hard to prevent against everything that could happen to us. But when it comes to removing chewing gum from carpet fibres and other fabrics, there are a few simple things you can do to prevent it. 

If you have children or guests who love chewing gum, it can be a good idea to restrict its consumption to areas where it won't cause damage. 

Invest in a good doormat and encourage everyone to wipe their shoes thoroughly before entering the house. This will prevent chewing gum on your carpet or other sticky substances from being tracked into the house and onto your carpets or sofas. 

You’re busy. We know that. But when you spot chewing gum on the carpet, and begin to wonder how to get chewing gum off fabric, it’s a good idea to act fast. If you don’t, the gum might get trodden in, and then you might need more than two ice cubes! 

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