How to Keep Your House Clean with Dogs

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Young boy picking up dog poop with a paper towel.

From muddy paws on wooden floors to sofas caked in pet hair, it’s no secret that cleaning up after our furry four-legged friends can sometimes feel like mission impossible. (After all, where do you think the phrase “mucky pups” comes from?!)

So, if you’ve just brought a fluffy friend home but can’t keep on top of all the cleaning that comes with sharing space with a pup, look no further. From getting rid of pesky hairs to keeping the floors spick-and-span, we’ve put together some simple hacks below to help keep your house clean while living with dogs.

How to get rid of dog hair

One of the best ways to get rid of dog hair in your home is by grooming your four-legged friend regularly. Brushing your dog once a day will help keep hair build-up at bay, reducing the amount of hair (or dander) that’ll make its way onto your floors and furniture.

But what if you’ve left it a little too late and are now faced with a mountain of fur? Well, it’s easy enough to get rid of dog hair without needing to splurge on fancy products.

Simply dampen a Plenty paper towel with water (be careful not to soak it completely) and lay it across the areas caked in fur. Once the towel has sucked up all the hairs, simply toss it in the bin. Easy! (You can also spritz a little bit of hairspray onto one side of a paper towel, and it’ll have the same effect.)

If you’re faced with more stubborn bits of fur that simply won’t budge, we’d recommend using a lint roller or tape – these are particularly effective at removing dog hair from fabric surfaces.

How to keep floors clean with dogs

We’ve covered off keeping pet hair at bay, but what about mucky paws and all the other mess that can wreak havoc on your floors?

Here are our top three tips for how to keep floors clean with dogs.

  1. Keep cleaning supplies on tap in case of emergencies. Having a designated cupboard area fully stocked with paper towels, mops and other cleaning products will mean you’re well-equipped in case of any pup emergencies. A must-have for any cleaning supply cupboard is Plenty kitchen roll which is 40% more absorbent*, making it great for mopping, wetting or soaking up any stubborn floor spillages. (Just make sure to top up your supply regularly and let the other members of your household know where everything’s kept, so they can help out when needed.)
  2. Act fast. The sooner you can mop or wipe up the mess, the less likely your floors will be permanently stained. When it comes to urine and other accidents, acting fast will also help eliminate any nasty odours! Take a look at our guide to cleaning up pup pee for more information.
  3. Wipe your pet down after walks or outings. If your dog goes mad for mud baths or pond swims, make sure to wipe them down before they head back into the house, as this will limit the amount of mess and dirt brought inside. Have a look at our guide to disinfecting muddy paws for even more tips.

*vs the next best-selling brand. Based on laboratory tests (February 2021)

Other useful tips for keeping the house clean with dogs

Aside from grooming your pup pal regularly and acting quickly whenever any mess occurs, there are also lots of other easy ways to keep the house clean with dogs.

  1. Wash their bedding weekly (this will help limit the amount of pet hair around the house).
  2. Place Plenty Towels in key areas. Putting these handy packs of strong and absorbent sheets in different areas of the home will help you tackle any mess or spillages without having to leg it to the kitchen to fetch the roll every time.
  3. Make certain areas of your house pup-free zones. This will help confine most of the mess to one area, making it easier for you to know where to clean.
  4. Place a mat underneath their food and drink bowls. Since this will be a high traffic area with lots of sipping, slurping, crunching and munching, it’ll get messy quickly. A mat is a great way to keep most of the dinnertime mess to one area.

There you have it! Although pups can be mucky, by following some basic tips you’ll be able to keep your house spick-and-span. If you’d like more advice on cleaning up after your favourite four-legged friends, visit our Messy Pets Hub – chockful of all sorts of nifty tips, tricks and cleaning hacks from Plenty.



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