How to clean a TV screen: Plenty’s top tips for a sparkling clean TV  

How to clean a TV screen: Plenty’s top tips for a sparkling clean TV

Having a flat-screen TV is great when you want to get stuck into your favourite series. However, if your screen is covered in streaky marks and fingerprints, they can be a bit of a pain to clean without the right tools. Since TV and movies often brings families together, it’s important to know how to achieve a clean TV screen!

In our guide below, we outline what you’ll need, the best cleaning techniques, as well as tips on how to clean your speakers and remote (because they matter too!).

Wiping down your TV can easily fit into your cleaning routine. You can even get the kids involved too! Check out our list of 6 natural cleaning products to use at home — of which vinegar is a staple!

What you’ll need to clean TV screens:

·       Microfibre cloths

·       Distilled water

·       Kitchen towel

How to clean a TV screen: step-by-step

1.      Turn off your TV. Before you clean flat screen TVs, or any TV for that matter, you should turn it off and unplug it too. This allows it to cool before you clean, which is not only safer for the TV, but a black screen makes it easier to see stubborn smudge marks.

2.      Next, take a clean microfibre cloth and carefully wipe the screen to remove any fingerprints, dust or smudges. These act as great TV screen wipes if you remember to use gentle, circular motions to get rid of any handprints or streaks. Top tip: don’t press too hard otherwise you could cause damage!

If any pesky marks remain on the screen, slightly dampen the same cloth with some distilled water and tackle the problem areas. Distilled water is a great liquid for cleaning TV screens since regular tap water is filled with minerals and particles that could scratch your screen.

4.      Once you’ve removed all the marks, that’s when Plenty comes into action. Use one of our kitchen towels to gently wipe down the screen. Then voilà! A streak-free television screen at your service.


Top TV cleaning tip: Don’t ever spray water or any other liquid directly onto the TV screen. A sudden burst of water could seep into your TV’s inner system and cause a failure. That would be a disaster!

The best way to clean TV screens with kitchen cupboard staples


Vinegar is the best TV screen cleaner to be found in your kitchen cupboards! Mix your vinegar with equal parts distilled water and dip your microfibre cloth in. Squeeze out as much liquid as you can and gently wipe across your screen, then wipe over with a dry to remove any excess moisture. If you’re on the hunt for more vinegar cleaning solutions, then check out our list of . We use anything from vinegar to lemons!

Window cleaner 

Window cleaner isn’t just for windows, it can clean TV screens too! Just spray the window cleaner on your microfibre cloth and wipe away, following up with a dry kitchen towel. And if you want to do what your window cleaner “says on the tin”, then read our guide on our guide on how to clean the windows easily.

How to clean speakers connected to your TV

Your TV speakers should be looked after too, after all, that’s where the sound comes from! If yours are looking rather dusty, and you are wondering how to clean them, then look no further. Simply use the smallest nozzle on your vacuum cleaner to carefully remove any dust, before wiping over with a dry.

How to clean TV remotes

Remote controls can hide a lot of dirt and grime, so it’s best to clean these regularly. Take out the batteries, hold the remote face down and tap it to remove any crumbs and dust. Next, wipe the remote with a damp microfibre cloth or special TV cleaning wipes. Wipe down the remote with a kitchen towel  and pop the batteries back in, and you’re good to go!

Now you’ve got a clean TV screen, you can binge-watch all your favourite TV shows with the clearest picture! If you’re on a roll with cleaning, make sure to look at all of our household cleaning tips.

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