How to remove candle wax whilst staying calm 


Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a mood setter for a relaxing night in, or you and your new housemates simply love the smell, there’s something oh-so soothing about the warm glow and flicker of candlelight… right up until the point a dog tail whip, stray arm, or tumbling child knocks the candles over. Result: a tidal wave of wax all over the tablecloth. Uh-oh. 


There’s no need to panic, though – it’s no biggie. Accidents will happen, and it’s actually pretty easy to remove wax from fabric. And once you do know how to get wax out of tablecloth fabric, the odd, flipped-over candle will be no threat to your nice, cosy evening. 


How to remove wax from fabric tablecloth – the initial reaction 


We’re not saying whether you should laugh or cry (Maybe both? Maybe neither?), we’re talking about what you should do straight away when it comes to figuring out how to remove candle wax from fabric. And the answer might surprise you. Do nothing. Yep, if only every spill needed that approach. It’s way easier to remove wax from fabric when it’s dried. So, step back, keep everyone away from the spillage, and wait. 


How to remove candle wax from fabric tablecloth – the kit 


You’ve done the first bit – realised that’s accidents do happen, and sometimes taking a step back is the best foot forward. Even if you look at the gunk on your beautiful tablecloth and it’s all you can do not to leap into action. Good work, so far.  


Now, step forward your candle wax removal kit (*sounds trumpet*). Put this kit together and you’ll soon be saying goodbye to the waxy gloop: 


  • Iron 
  • Kitchen towel 
  • Butter knife, plastic scraper, etc. To safely remove candle wax from fabric you need something that isn’t sharp. Cutting a hole out of your tablecloth will certainly get rid of the greasy leftovers, but it’s a bit of a false economy... OK, a lot of a false economy. There really is no need to replace it. 


How to get wax off tablecloth fabric – the method 


Right, gather the troops – your new housemates, family members… or you could do it yourself. It’s actually really easy, and doesn’t require a full-on cleaning squad. 


Back to getting rid of the once-slimy residue. Here’s how to remove wax from fabric: 


  1. Turn your iron on and dial in on the low setting. 
  1. Pick and scrape off as much of the dry crusty drips and splatters as you can. 
  1. Take a sheet of kitchen towel and lay it over the waxy splodge. 
  1. Hold your iron over the wax, with kitchen towel in between the two. 
  1. Gently move the iron around to melt all of the remaining candle wax. 


Tip: Use a sheet of Plenty kitchen towel to draw out the candle wax gently with your iron. It absorbs twice as fast, and will absorb the newly melted wax with ease. And, because it’s strong even when wet, it won’t break down and leave shreds of paper on your table or floor (cue big sigh of relief).  


  1. Wash your tablecloth as you usually would. 
  1. Light another candle. 


That’s it, a step-by-step guide showing you how to get wax out of tablecloth fabric. Now that you know what to do, there’ll be no worrying the next time it happens. You can simply, and slowly, take action. And then go back to enjoying your relaxing evening… by candlelight. 

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