Relationship goals: How to clean a toilet brush 

How to clean a toilet

There is nothing pleasant about toilet brush cleaning — it’s probably the grimmest of grim household chores. But learning how to clean a toilet brush so that your loved one doesn’t have to is a true act of love. Forget presents! Let’s scrub some poo! 


So, reach for the rubber gloves and hold your nose, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about cleaning a toilet brush after use. 


How do you clean a toilet brush? With this kit 


OK. Here we go. Let’s talk about cleaning a toilet brush after use. This isn’t going to be an experience you’ll whistle your way through merrily. In fact, it might be best to keep your mouth as closed as you can… and cover your nose. Here’s what you’ll need: 


  • Hot water 
  • Bucket or large bowl – something big enough to submerge the brush 
  • Bleach 
  • Rubber gloves 
  • Kitchen towel 
  • Mask/nose clips (optional) 


How to clean a toilet brush – step-by-step 


Now that you’ve got your stinky toilet brush survival/cleaning kit ready, we can move onto the next question: how do you clean a toilet brush in the least disgusting way? Follow these steps to take your toilet brush from gross mess to fabulous and fresh: 


  1. Pull on your rubber gloves and open the window. 
  2. Fill your bucket with the hottest water you can and add a couple of cups of bleach. Always follow the instructions on your bottle of bleach for how to use it safely. 
  3. Slowly and carefully submerge the toilet brush and holder into your bleach bucket and leave for around an hour. 
  4. Remove the brush and holder carefully, and then rinse thoroughly with hot, clean water. 
  5. Wipe down the surfaces of the holder and handle of the brush with some kitchen towel and then lay them out on some more kitchen towel to air-dry completely. We need to add something about the surface one leaves it on, so that it’s not a wooden floor or something that will get marks afterwards 
  6. Replace the brush only when it is completely dry. If you put it back into the holder when things are still wet, you’re running the risk of bacteria growth. 


Tip: Plenty kitchen towel is a champion for strength and absorbency. It’s the perfect poopy brush-cleaning companion as it won’t fall apart leaving you with poo on your gloved hands. 


How to keep a toilet brush clean  


Maybe you’ve just moved in with someone, and you’re finding your feet in terms of the household routine, or perhaps you’re looking to up the toilet brush cleaning game in your long-term home. Either way, taking on such a grimy task is a great way demonstrate your commitment and love. And the following tips will help show you how to keep a toilet brush clean on an ongoing basis: 


  • Make sure any chunks (urrrrgggghhhh) are cleaned off immediately. 
  • Give the bristles a good clean, when they need it, by adding a couple of caps of bleach into your toilet and carefully submerging the end of your brush. 
  • Squirt a little bleach into the base of your toilet brush holder. That’ll help fight the risk of bacteria and help neutralise the icky smell. (Only do this is there are no kids or pets in the house, as you wouldn’t want them finding their way to uncovered bleach.) 
  • Do a deep clean at least once a week. 


Now you know how to clean a toilet brush, blow your loved one away with more than just methane, and clean that faecal funk until the toilet brush shines! Until next time, of course... 

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