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Has teaching your kids to do chores somehow made more mess? Here's the chart of your dreams!

Chores For Kids

You always know where the kids have been. There’s a trail of toys, cookie crumbs and if those aren't clues enough, there’s always the occasional siren of squealing laughter straight from the sources themselves. And instead of following them around with a dustpan and brush or paper towel, it’s a great idea to teach the kids how to tidy up themselves, or together. Although, you have been warned: sometimes, their well-meaning cleaning results in an even bigger mess... But they’re keen to help, and practice makes perfect, right? 

Everyone makes a mess from time to time, so it’s a good idea to get the kids involved in some household chores for kids that’ll not only help day-to-day but will also show them how great it is to work as a team.  

Download our free chore chart for kids to help you get started.

Great chores for kids 

If you’re happy to supervise, there are lots of chores for kids that are suitable from school age. The more confident and responsible they become, the less supervision they’ll need. The most important aspect to get right is to clearly explain what’s expected. And to remind them that cleaning is love language – maybe they’d rather clear out a furry cat bed than write a soppy Father’s Day card. Just a thought. 


Keep a supply of absorbent Plenty kitchen towel somewhere low down where the kids can easily and safely reach it – it’ll help encourage them to take responsibility for wiping up the gravy-soaked-mashed-potato that slopped onto the floor.

How to make your kids’ chore chart motivating

Kids love to be praised, and often respond well to reward charts, so add this aspect to your chore chart for kids. Ask your child to show you when they’ve finished their chore, so that you can award them a tick or a sticker on their chore chart when they’ve done a good job.

Chore chart ideas for kids

Chores for kids will most likely be done after school, so you’ll want quick tasks that leave plenty of time for homework and family time. More time-consuming chores, like laundry and food preparation, can be saved for the weekend, so that they can be enjoyed together rather than in a rush after school.  

How to arrange a chore chart day-by-day

Your family will have its own individual list of tasks to complete, but here are a few ideas for how to fill out your kids’ chore chart day by day. Keep it to one chore per day, and break it down into bullet points to help your child remember what they need to do.

Monday: Tidy Bedroom

  • Pick up everything from the floor/bed/desk that shouldn’t be there
  • Put toys and other items away where they belong

Tuesday: Water Plants

Water the plants

  • Fill the watering can with water (remember, not too much!)
  • Slowly carry it to each plant and give each a little water

Wednesday: Organise Toy Box

Organise the toy box

  • Check each section contains what it should
  • Move toys to their correct boxes
  • Put away any toys that should be in the toy box

Thursday: Dust 

  • Move everything off the surface you’re dusting first
  • Dust and wipe down 
  • Put everything back where it belongs

Friday: Clean Pets

Clean the pets

  • If you have pets, clear out beds, bowls and cages
  • Brush fur and give dogs a bath

Saturday: Gardening

  • Help pull weeds and plant flowers
  • Clear away leaves
  • Help wash the car on sunny days

Sunday: Help With Laundry

Help with the laundry

  • Gather up dirty clothes
  • Sort into colours and whites
  • Press buttons on machine
  • Pair socks and fold clothes once dry

Every day

  • Set and clear the table
  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Feed pets
  • Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  • Wipe up spills
  • Make the bed

All you need now are a stack of printable chore charts for kids, and luckily enough, we’ve got a free chore chart for you to download right here! So next time you can’t see your kid’s bedroom floor for all the toys out the toybox, your little helper will know just how to help tidy up – and they’ll feel great giving you a hand cleaning it too! 

Chores For Kids Guide

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A Chore Chart for Kids (Free Download!)

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A Chore Chart for Kids (Free Download!)

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