A woman holds a can of food in one hand and her phone in the other, in a supermarket.

Plenty X NaviLens: Bringing the joy of mess to more people than ever


We’ve all been there: an enthusiastic mix of gooey brownie batter and suddenly your sparkling countertops are a new shade of choco-brown. If you haven’t already scooped it up and licked the spoon clean, with the help of Plenty those delicious streaks and spots of brownie will be no more. It’s only right that everyone has the opportunity to mop up life’s many messes, visually impaired and blind people included.

Introducing Plenty and NaviLens: with the superior performance of Plenty and the accessibility for blind and visually impaired people enabled by NaviLens technology, it’s the partnership that means everyone has equal opportunity and the chance for a superior clean.

What is NaviLens?

NaviLens is the company that enables blind or partially sighted people to travel, shop and order more easily using the easily scannable, more accessible NaviLens QR code technology.

We scan QR codes for almost everything these days: from menus, street signs, promotional content and product information – they’re a handy way for us to access information. But to be able to use a QR code, you need to know where it is, focus on it, frame it on the screen, and hold it still.

It’s easy to see how difficult this could be for a blind or partially sighted person.

NaviLens and Plenty – it just makes sense

Whether it’s the local bus, a music venue, your favourite café, books, a superior clean in the kitchen or your favourite kitchen roll, we all deserve to have access to the same stuff. This is no less true or important than it is for product information.

We should all be able to use the exact products we need, without barriers. Plenty is proud to announce that with the help of NaviLens QR codes on our packs of Original, Max, Flexisheets and Everyday kitchen roll, blind or partially sighted individuals can scan the NaviLens QR code with ease and get access to the information they need.

How does NaviLens work?

Whether it’s in a train station or on a pack of Plenty kitchen roll, NaviLens QR codes are specifically designed to be scanned from further away, from a wider angle and without the need to focus your camera. Not only that, but NaviLens users can receive push notifications on their phone when in the proximity of NaviLens QR codes, informing you how many products are on the shelf, making it easier than ever to navigate the everyday.

Simply hold your camera up, and listen as NaviLens’ clever system of guidance noises tells you which is the product you’re looking for. Then, hover the camera over the general vicinity of a NaviLens code and have the app read out the information – like if Plenty kitchen roll is compostable (it is!) and which of life’s little and big messes Plenty is best suited for (all of them!)

But don’t take our word for it, head over to the NaviLens website to find out more information and get the answers to your questions.