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What is composting and how does composting work?

What is composting and what is compost used for? Learn how composting works, what to do with compost and discover the benefits of composting, too. Read more


Plenty compostable kitchen paper: your questions answered

Plenty Compostable Paper sounds good doesn't it, but what does it mean? We've answered all of the most frequently asked questions. Say bye to your confusion. Read more


Certified compostable* kitchen roll sheets for compostable messes

Wondering ‘are paper towels compostable?’ Well, now select Plenty products are certified compostable, you know you can! Find out more. Read more

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How to keep cut flowers fresh and free of gunky water

That beautiful bloom will last longer when you know how to keep cut flowers fresh. Check out our top tips, including how to keep roses alive, here. Read more

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Compostable vs biodegradable: what’s the difference?

Does biodegradable mean compostable? What is the difference between biodegradable and compostable? So many questions... We've got the answers. Read more

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What does biodegradable mean and what is non-biodegradable?

Demystify what is biodegradable and learn the difference between biodegradable and non-biodegradable items with our easy guide. Click to learn more. Read more

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Is plastic packaging bad for the environment? Facts and things to think about

Discover how recycled plastic packaging can be a sustainable choice in your products. Read a balanced view on plastic packaging benefits versus drawbacks. Read more

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What are greenhouse gases and what is a greenhouse effect?

What is a greenhouse effect and what causes greenhouse gases? Find answers to these questions and learn how can we reduce greenhouse gases. Read more

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Reducing waste at home: The easy way

With our top tips, reducing waste at home is easy. Read on to learn how to reduce wasted energy, food and water to do your bit for planet and save, too. Read more