How to clean the carpet: 3 handy-to-know tips 

Yep... that gloopy mass was just hurled onto your carpet. Acceptance is the first step. Here's what to do next

How To Clean Carpet

Maybe it was your puppy who looked so cute scooting around the carpet on their bum until you realised what was happening. Or maybe it was your kids dropping some glue on the carpet when they tried to fix the lamp that their football broke… 

Luckily, our carpet stain removal tips will make a difference. Or at least, the difference between a spotless carpet and a patch you have to strategically move the sofa to hide for the next few years.  

So: need to know how to clean carpet stains successfully? Look no further.  

3 carpet cleaning tips for busy parents 

The three tips below will help you tackle spills like a pro. And if your kids or housemates feel like grabbing a cloth, encourage them to tackle their own carpet stains. That’s one of the love languages in the end… 

1. Be prepared for carpet stain removal

You never know when someone is going to drop a whole bowl of creamy, cheesy pasta on the floor, so it’s important to be ready. Here’s a quick supply list for when you need to clean stains out of the carpet: 

  • Clean rags and kitchen paper
  • A spray bottle full of water
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Your favourite carpet cleaning product, if you have one

This should be enough to tackle most day-to-day stains as you find them. Unless you live in a paintball range or art studio or something. For everything else, just keep your vacuum cleaner or carpet sweeper at the ready. 

2. Stain removal SOS: Work quickly 

The best way to clean a carpet by hand is to tackle stains as soon as possible.Use something absorbent, strong and disposable, like Plenty household towels, to gently scoop up solids and soak up the liquid (we’ll let your imagination run wild with that one). Avoid rubbing and dabbing, as this could help the stain bed in: just leave the tissue to do its work. 

Once most of the liquid is absorbed, lift off the paper and sprinkle baking soda over the stain to soak up the rest. Then you can simply vacuum it away later on.

3. Stain removal SOS: Spot clean with store cupboard essentials 

Now to tackle the rest of the stain. Lifehack time! The best way to spot clean the carpet uses something you probably already have lying around: shaving foam. 

Here’s how to clean the carpet: 

  • Blot the stain using the method in tip 2. 
  • Moisten the area with clean water. 
  • Apply foam to whatever gross stain is on your carpet and work it in using a clean (unwanted) toothbrush. 
  • Wipe the shaving foam away with a clean and damp sponge or rag – not your partner’s razor from the bathroom. 
  • Leave the carpet to dry. 

That should be enough to clean stains out of the carpet, no matter how difficult they are. And it’s OK if you’re out of shaving foam: you can make a paste of baking soda and water, or soak the stains in a few drops of spirit vinegar instead. Just make sure you test the solution on a small, hidden area of carpet first to avoid any unwanted discolouration or accidental tie-dye patterns in the hall… 

And remember, spills happen where life happens. You can’t predict the next mess – but at least most of it comes from those you love, whether making sweet memories, or not. Try to remember that when you’re scrubbing oily Bolognese sauce out of your day-old carpet… 

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