How to Clean the House Quickly – and Thoroughly

The more people, the more fun! Here's how to clean up quickly so that you can mess it all up again

House Cleaning Tips

So, you have been looking forward to hosting this dinner party for two weeks, but two hours before it’s due to start you look up and realise the house is an absolute state. Every time, right? If you’re in need of finding out the quickest way to clean your house, you’ve come to the right place: these 5 house cleaning tips will help you address that mess in no time.


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1. Go top to bottom

Want to know how to clean your house fast? The first thing to remember is that, like everything else in life, the laws of gravity apply to dust and grime. This downward settling of dust has everything to do with your speedy cleaning strategy. Firstly, it means that if your house has multiple floors, you need to start on the top floor. Otherwise, the dust from upstairs will settle on the lower floors and you might find you have to start again.

It also means that you should clean the work surfaces first. Even if you’re worried about kicking up dust with a hoover or broom, larger particles like crumbs need only be a problem for you once. Start by wiping tables, drawers and work surfaces, then tackle the floor.


Use a strong and absorbent piece of moistened kitchen paper, such as Plenty The Extra Big One, for wiping down greasy and dusty surfaces – it’ll cut down on the time you spend rinsing cloths and sponges and it’ll easily reach those tricky tight corners.

2. Make a house-cleaning checklist

This might seem like strange advice when you’re in a rush, but it really is worth taking five minutes to jot down a house-cleaning checklist. Why? Well, some of the things you do when you have longer to clean might be unnecessary when you’re working out how to clean the house quickly.

Which tasks are most important in terms of presenting your house at its best and making your guests feel comfortable? You want to concentrate on dusting, clearing clutter from surfaces, and cleaning your floors and bathroom, plus a few finishing touches like making sure your living areas are well stocked with Plenty Handy Towels. Polishing your silver spoon collection is a job for another time.

3. Work smart

Once you have your house cleaning checklist, figure out the quickest way to clean your house. What order does it make sense to clean the rooms in? Where should you start in each room? What’s the last thing you should do in there, and what might you not have thought of? The moments you spend doing this will save you a lot of time and frustration once you get to work.

Here’s an example: toilet cleaner needs time to work, so make that the first thing you do when you clean your bathroom. Then spray all the surfaces, wipe them down (starting with the first one you sprayed), and finish cleaning the toilet. Finally, clean the floor, starting at the back corner of the room and finishing at the doorway.

4. Remember the essentials

When you’re thinking about how to clean your house fast, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the bigger tasks and forget about the little things. Here are a few you might not have thought of:

  • Make sure you have clean towels out
  • Change bed linen if your guests are staying overnight
  • Vacuum your sofa
  • Air any stuffy rooms by opening the windows an hour or so before they arrive

5. Enlist some helpers

The quickest way to clean your house is definitely to have as many people helping as possible. As the saying goes, many hands make light work, so get your partner, family or close friends involved. Use our house cleaning checklist to help divide up the jobs and give everyone their own room to tackle.

That’s all five house cleaning tips, but here’s some bonus advice: make sure you take a moment here and there to breathe deeply, clear your head, and remember you’ve made progress. You’ve got this!

How To Clean The House Quickly Guide

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How to Clean the House Quickly – and Thoroughly

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How to Clean the House Quickly – and Thoroughly

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