Top tips to remove coffee stains from carpets and upholstery

Cup of java turned into overflowing lava? Here's how to deal with the spillage situation

Coffee stains on a beige carpet

Whether it’s a late night one with a bit of jazz music, or an early morning one with a bit of chirpy breakfast radio, we all need a bit of coffee in our systems time to time. But coffee on the carpet? Not so much. With these quick and effective tips, you can remove coffee stains from the carpet and get be back to sipping calmly in no time. Here’s your guide on how to get coffee out of carpets and upholstery.

How to get coffee stains out of the carpet

Unless you’ve got a retro pattern on your floor, a carpet coffee stain is going to be pretty obvious if you don’t get to work on removing it.

  1. Act quickly. A dried coffee stain on the carpet is harder to remove than a fresh one. Grab a paper towel and gently press it on the spill to absorb as much of the coffee as possible. Make sure not to press too hard on the stain as this could it to set into the carpet. 


    Plenty kitchen paper is 40% more absorbent*, so it’s great for soaking up excess liquid. Its special design means it won’t fall apart even when it’s wet, so you can soak up that coffee without having to worry about making more of a mess.

  2. Find ingredients for your solution. Use a carpet shampoo or a non-bleach detergent/washing powder mixed with water to remove coffee stains from carpet material.
  3. Mix your solution. Mix half a teaspoon of your cleaning product with a litre of warm water in a spray bottle. Make sure to test this solution on an inconspicuous area of your carpet before using it on the carpet’s coffee stain.
  4. Apply it to the area. Spray it onto the area and work it in with the back of a spoon, or a cloth. A top tip for how to get coffee out of the carpet without spreading it further is to work on the stain from the outside edge in.
  5. Blot the area dry using a clean sheet of kitchen paper, removing the excess moisture and solution from the area.
  6. Rinse the area with clean water and a moistened piece of kitchen paper and blot it with a dry piece of kitchen paper until it’s dry. You can even leave an absorbent paper towel over the area to soak up every last bit of moisture.

And there you have it: a clean carpet that’s hopefully as good as new. Spilled a bit more than you first thought? Got a coffee stain on the sofa? We’ve got just the thing…

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