10 tips for safely cleaning a deep fat fryer

If only cleaning a deep fat fryer was as easy as eating the stuff that comes out of one? Oh, it is? Here's how!

How To Clean A Deep Fryer

You’ve pulled out the deep fat fryer for another fake-away night of bliss. And, of course, there’s a mysterious chef who used the fryer last time and put it away without a proper deep clean. But you deserve your crunchy tempura, your crispy chicken, and your fried chicken. 

Don’t let grime get in the way – here’s how to clean a deep fat fryer properly. It takes a bit of time to learn the best way to clean deep fat fryer parts, but when you’ve learnt how to clean a fryer using our advice, you’ll be able to give your fake-away a five-star rating. 


Cleaning your deep fat dryer will be much easier if you wipe up splashes and spills as they occur, so keep a pack of strong and absorbent paper towels on hand. Plenty Handy Towels are super easy to access, so you can pick up and wipe in one quick motion while you fry!

1. Get your cleaning kit together

Before we get on to how to clean a deep fat fryer, let’s look at the kit you’ll need for the job:

What you’ll need

  • Detergent
  • Container for the oil
  • Scouring sponge
  • Pan scraper or spatula
  • Soft brush
  • Plenty kitchen paper

2. Start safely

Safety is your number one concern when cleaning a fryer. These steps are essential:

  • Turn off and unplug your fryer.
  • Make sure oil is completely cool.
  • Wrap power cables in paper towels to protect against spills.

 3. How to drain the oil

Once the oil is cooled you can drain it into a sealable container. If you’re planning on reusing it, check that the oil isn’t rancid or has a distinct change in colour and keep it in a cool place; otherwise, dispose of the old oil safely.

4. How to clean a fryer basket

Remove the basket from the fryer and use hot water and detergent to clean. Now it’s time for a workout! Use a vigorous scrubbing motion with your scourer or brush to remove debris, and then rinse and leave on a dish rack to dry.

5. How to remove debris and excess oil from the fryer 

Start off by blotting up any leftover oil in your fryer – super-absorbent and strong Plenty paper towel does the job perfectly – before moving onto getting rid of the debris. Get those spatulas and pan scrapers ready. Just make sure they’re plastic to avoid any scratches.

6. How to clean a fryer

Fill a bowl with warm soapy water and place it next to your fryer. Take your sponge and, using a circular motion, get to work cleaning. Finally, fill your fryer with hot water and leave for around 30 minutes to loosen any stubborn grime.

7. How to clean the filters

If they’re removable there’s an easy way to clean deep fryer filters – simply take them out and soak in hot soapy water before wiping with an absorbent paper towel. If not, take a little detergent and use a paper towel to remove any excess oil, grime, or tempura batter.

8. Finishing touches

You’re nearly there now! Just empty the hot water from your fryer and rinse out. Finally, let the interior of the fryer air dry (got to love the easy bits) while you wipe down the exterior and give it a little polish with your Plenty paper towel.

9. Safety dos and don’ts

  • Never clean while the fryer is plugged in.
  • Never immerse the fryer in water.
  • Avoid water getting on electric cables.
  • Always make sure the oil is cool before draining.

10. On-going maintenance

In terms of overall maintenance there are a few points that will help make the task easier:

  • Regularly clean your fryer and its parts.
  • When cooking, wipe up oil splashes from the exterior with paper towel.
  • Regularly change the oil if your fryer is in frequent use.
  • Brush heating coils when the oil is drained.
  • Always follow the fryer’s manual. 

Now we’ve explained how to clean a deep fryer you can get cracking. Once your house knows how to clean a deep fat fryer safely there’s no reason everyone can’t take their turn at hosting their own fake-away night dinner. Happy frying! 

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