5 grandparent-approved kitchen towels cleaning tips

With a lifetime of cleaning up after mucky pups, there comes great wisdom

Household Tips

Grandma and grandpa’s home is always spotless, but this doesn’t happen by chance or with the wave of a magic wand. They’ve got a lifetime of experience learning all the best home cleaning tips, hacks and shortcuts to make chores a breeze. And with this comes the knowledge that kitchen paper can be super versatile – with uses you never even knew existed. This is cleaning made easy, courtesy of grandpa and grandma's household tips.

1. Crusty-tap-cleaning made easy

The bottom of the tap can get pretty unsightly with hard water stains. Forget about scrubbing away to no avail – grandma’s home cleaning tips with kitchen paper are the easy solution. Soak a strong and absorbent sheet of Plenty kitchen towel in distilled white vinegar and wrap it around the tap, leaving it to work its magic for up to one hour. When you remove it, you’ll be amazed by the results.

2. Catch oily drips

One of the trickiest things about cooking with oil is avoiding getting oily drips on your hands and the worktops. Fortunately another of grandma's household tips sorts this out straight away. Simply fold a piece of kitchen paper into a strip and wrap it around the middle of the oil bottle. Pop a rubber band around it to secure, et voilà: the towel will catch the drips. All you need to do is change it every couple of days to keep it fresh. Choose kitchen paper that tears easily, like Plenty Flexisheets, to keep the rest of the pack fresh even when your fingers are greasy.

3. Clean between the gaps

There are some creases and crevices around the house that are so tricky to reach that they can get really grubby: we’re talking window tracks, shower screen seals and those gaps between tiles. Luckily, grandma and grandpa’s household tips cover these pesky areas, and they show how handy kitchen paper can be even outside the kitchen. Start off by sprinkling bicarbonate of soda over the dirt. Next, pour a little white vinegar on top, and leave to soak for 10 minutes. Then get scrubbing over the bubbly mixture with an old toothbrush, and lift out the gunk with a strong paper towel. Easy!

4. Cleaning tips for a fresh fridge

The bottom of the fridge door can get pretty congealed with milk and juice spills. As well as wiping it all clean with absorbent kitchen towel, grandma and grandpa are wise enough to know prevention is much better than cure; their cleaning tips are so clever that they’ll even reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do. By lining your fridge shelves, drawers and doors with kitchen paper in the first place, it makes it much easier to keep the fridge clean. An extra bonus is that the kitchen paper will absorb excess moisture from vegetables, helping to keep them fresher for longer.

5. Keep a kitchen paper supply in every room

The last of our grandparents’ top household cleaning tips will save you several rushed trips to the kitchen every time you need to wipe up a spill in another room. Keep a pack of kitchen paper in every room of the home, and you’ll be able to respond much more quickly to any messy situation. After all, the sooner you address it, the easier it is to clear up. Juice spill in the dining room? No problem. Puppy mishap in the conservatory? Effortlessly accessible, your Plenty Sheets are right at hand.

These grandparent-approved household cleaning tips prove that some versatile kitchen paper can work wonders all over the home. As with so many things in life, when you want to know the best cleaning tips, turn to those wise ones who have years of experience. That’s cleaning made easy, grandparent style.

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