How to reduce waste at home

There's no use crying over spilled milk – here are some ways to reduce waste at home

3 children learning how to reduce waste by making crafts from recyclable plastics and cardboard tubes

When it comes to reducing waste at home, every little bit saved is helpful. Whether it’s using less water and electricity to save energy at home, throwing away less to reduce food waste, or limiting the amount of waste we produce from everyday items, we can all do more. Consider trying out these easy tips in your everyday life and you’ll be well on the way to knowing how to reduce waste at home.

Reducing waste at home – the fun way!

It’s easier to recycle more when you make it a bit of fun! Turn it into a friendly competition and see who can recycle the most in a week! The winner can receive a certificate (made from kitchen roll) for their accomplishment! Or play a game where you see who can throw their recyclable item in the bin from the furthest away.

You can also try reusing cardboard tubes from kitchen roll. Turn them into a pen tidy for your desk. Or you could cut the kitchen roll tube into several rings and create your own DIY ring-toss game!


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Ways to save energy

When it comes to finding out how to save energy at home, limiting the amount of water and electricity you use can make a huge difference. Here are a number of handy tips:

  • Take showers rather than baths (practice your singing or your award acceptance speech).
  • Only wash clothes in the machine when you have a full load and on a lower temperature setting.
  • Use a water butt to collect rainwater for your garden.
  • Turn off appliances when not in use, rather than leaving them on standby mode.
  • Turn off lights when you’re not using them or turn them down low for some ambience.
  • Look into investing in some energy-efficient appliances.

Those are some of our favourite ways to save energy, now onto ways to reduce food waste at home.

How to reduce food waste

Here are some simple ways to reduce food waste:

  • Start a garden vegetable patch with your family so you grow the items you need – and give away any leftover produce to neighbours or friends!
  • Always do a stock-check before shopping so you don’t buy items you already have.
  • Keep an eye on expiry dates so food doesn’t spoil and get wasted.
  • Make proper use of your freezer – foods that go out of date fairly quickly can last for much longer at sub-zero temperatures.
  • Use fruit and veg that’s going out of date in smoothies and soups – easy to freeze.
  • Learn the cooking fundamentals so you can be creative with leftovers.
  • Use scraps and skins for compost.

There you have it, plenty of easy steps you can take to start making more of a difference. Spread the word about how to reduce waste at home so that you, your friends and your family can all make positive changes.



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