How to make a cardboard castle

Pull up the drawbridge! Here's the princess bedroom that everyone would love to have

Cardboard Castle

Let your imagination free and join your kids with this cardboard castle idea, which can later be filled with princesses, knights, or even cardboard tube animals – who said that animals can’t live in castles? The method of how to make a cardboard castle remains the same – you can just change the decoration. Check how to make a castle out of cardboard at home for a creative playtime.

How to make a castle out of cardboard: what you need

One of the great things about this cardboard castle DIY-style is that it uses leftover packaging, so you’re not only teaching the children how make a cardboard castle, but also how to recycle in creative ways!

What you’ll need

  • Cardboard box/es
  • Empty cardboard rolls from kitchen towels and toilet paper
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Paint, pens, stickers – whatever they’d like to use to decorate their cardboard castle.


Whenever you finish your Plenty Handy Towels, Plenty The Extra Big One, or Plenty The Original One, put the empty boxes and tubes in a special ‘craft’ box for projects like these.

How to make a cardboard castle: step-by-step instructions

  1. Fabriquer Un Chateau En Carton 1To form the roofs of the towers, use coloured-in or printed paper to cut three circles with a diameter of 12cm, and two circles with a diameter of 15cm. Cut the circles in two, fold to form a cone shape, and tape the two sides together, inside the cone.
  2. Fabriquer Un Chateau En Carton 2To make the towers, tape plain paper onto your kitchen towel rolls and toilet paper tubes. Leave the paper sticking out 3-4cm at the top of the roll, and 1cm at the bottom of the roll. On the bottom, fold the paper inside the roll. On the top, make vertical cuts in the paper to create a fringe, bend down, and add glue so you can glue it to the roof.
  3. Fabriquer Un Chateau En Carton 3Position the cone roofs on the top ends of the covered cardboard tube towers (large cones on large tubes, small cones on small tubes). Push a pencil up from underneath to push the fringes onto the cone, to glue them together. You can also leave some towers with flat roofs, to stack them on top of each other.
  4. Fabriquer Un Chateau En Carton 4Draw windows and doors on each tower with a pen, and add any other decorations that fit your chosen theme.
  5. Fabriquer Un Chateau En Carton 5Cover your cardboard box/es with paper – this will be the central base for your cardboard castle.
  6. Fabriquer Un Chateau En Carton 6Place the largest tower tube with a flat top in the centre of the covered cardboard box, and stack a smaller one on top. You can top this with a tower that has a cone roof. Place the larger four towers with cone roofs around the box in the four corners, and another four smaller towers with cone roofs on top of the box, to complete your cardboard castle.

What kind of castle made out of cardboard will you create?

Once you’ve got the basic cardboard castle DIY mastered, you can adapt around the following ideas:

  • Princess castle
  • Knight castle
  • Dragon castle
  • Space castle
  • Seabed castle
  • Fairy/elf castle
  • Animal castle.

All that’s left is to decide what type of castle made out of cardboard you’ll create first!

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