2 totally unique homemade bunting ideas 

Pretty, quaint, and a secret party animal. Bunting will be your belle of the ball

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Maybe you’re planning an event that you want to make extra special for someone and you think DIY bunting will do the trick. 

Or maybe there’s a weird water mark or stain on your ceiling and some awesome bunting-making skills could distract anyone from looking at them… 

Whatever your reason: here’s how to make bunting! Oh, and these bunting making crafts involve scissors. If you are doing these crafts with kids, make sure to supervise them. 


We’ll be using strong and absorbent Plenty kitchen paper for making the bunting itself, but make sure you keep some extra handy for the clean-up too. Moisten a piece for wiping up glitter mess, and line your tables with it for the colouring so that pen ends up on the kitchen paper instead of the surfaces!

Tropical leaves garland

It may be difficult to change the Great British weather, but this homemade bunting design might just make you feel like you are in the tropics! Plus, it’s a great way to reuse your any empty cardboard.  

Takes about 3 hours

What you’ll need

  • 2 empty cardboard boxes
  • Leaf templates
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Sheet of paper
  • Glue
  • Gold glitter
  • String
  1. First, carefully open and flatten the empty boxes. Use the templates provided to draw and cut out different leaf shapes from the cardboard. Or freehand it, and draw any leafy shape you desire! You might even want to take inspiration from the design of your box. 
  2. Next, paint the leaves in different colours and leave them to dry.  
  3. Now for the best bit: adding glitter. Start by applying a thick layer of glue where you want your glitter to stick. We recommend putting a piece of paper on the leaf, leaving a section visible, and applying glue to that visible section. This will give your glitter a nice sharp edge.  
  4. Pour any excess glitter back into the container with the hand-steadiness of a bomb-defusal expert.  
  5. Sprinkle some gold glitter over the sticky section of the leaf, and then leave to dry. Repeat with the other leaves.  
  6. Finally, glue each stem to a length of string and allow to dry.  

And there you have it! Your very own homemade bunting tropical leaves garland to wow your friends indoors or out.  

Tie-dye bunting

For a fresh burst of colour inside or out, our tie-dye design will make you marvel at how easy it is to turn Plenty kitchen paper into DIY bunting. If you thought that making bunting was hard, we’ll have you rethinking your approach to it in these few short steps. Enjoy!

Takes about 4 hours

  1. First, take a sheet of kitchen paper and pinch it in the middle with your fingers. With your other hand, pull and scrunch the paper and then start colouring from the pointed end with washable marker pens. Make sure that, while making your bunting, you choose a kitchen paper that’s really absorbent and strong when wet, such as Plenty. You’ll see why in the next step!
  2. When you have finished colouring, open the sheet of kitchen roll flat and place inside the square tray. Spray water over the kitchen paper and watch the colours blend. Remove your sheet of paper from the tray and lay on some newspaper or spare sheets of kitchen paper to dry. Repeat the process with more sheets of paper.
  3. Next, cut the dried sheets down to rectangular pieces measuring 26cm x 18cm. Then measure and draw three triangular flag shapes on each piece measuring 13cm wide x 18cm high.
  4. Now, cut out the flag shapes with scissors, and snip the corners off the top edges of each.
  5. Finally, fold the top edges of each flag over and make a neat crease. Glue each to a length of string about 3cm apart.

And that’s all there is to it! Now, we’re going to be honest, one or two (thousand) specks of glitter may have escaped the container and made it onto your floor or clothes – just remember how much fun the kids had crafting when you find glitter in random places for the next few weeks; because love is stronger than glitter. 

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