2 DIY garden party decorations

Create some decorations so beautiful that they might distract the wasps from the ice cream running down your arm

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Summer is coming, so why not make your own garden the hotspot this year by doing some cool DIY garden décor? These two garden ornament ideas are bright and colourful; we’ll show you how to make them a handful of short steps. From a flower crown made out of kitchen towels, to an incredibly creative flower garland, these garden decoration ideas (homemade as well!) will have you and your garden ready to party in no time.

Just remember if you’re making these DIY garden ornaments with kids to always provide adult supervision.


We’re going to be using bright food colours to make the garden decorations pop! Keep a roll of extra-absorbent Plenty Kitchen Towels to hand, for mopping up any spillages.

Flower wreath | Pom pom flower

How to make garden ornaments: Number 1 - a paper flower wreath

The first of our garden decoration ideas are homemade flower wreaths. Impress your garden party guests with this beautiful paper creations, or if your outfit needs a bit of brightening up, you could use it as a crown. They’ll never guess it’s made out of kitchen paper! Stay with us, you’re only a few easy steps away from creating your cool garden decoration.

Takes about 5 hours (including drying time)

What you’ll need

  1. paper flower wreath 01 Add some drops of the first food colour to a bowl of water and mix. Take a sheet of your kitchen towel and dip it into the bowl. Allow the colour to soak up the paper, then remove and lay on sheets of newspaper. Repeat using different bright food colours, and then leave the sheets to dry in a warm place for a few hours.
  2. paper flower wreath 02 Next, cut each dyed sheet of kitchen towel into quarters. Lay these sheets together in bundles of four, and then cut out small and large flower shapes in the different colours.
  3. paper flower wreath 03 Now it’s time for some flower power! To create the 3D flowers, take a small flower shape and scrunch from the centre. Then stick it to the middle of a large contrasting colour flower with glue, and scrunch as before. Repeat to make more colourful flowers for your wreath.
  4. paper flower wreath 04 Make a base ring for your crown with thin wire. Cut some thin strips of leftover dyed kitchen towel and bind around the ring, sticking in place every few centimetres with a small dot of glue.
  5. paper flower wreath 05 Finally, the bit you’ve been waiting for! To assemble your crown – stick the flowers around the ring with glue, alternating colours as you like, and leave to dry.

How to make garden ornaments: Number 2 - Pom pom flower & tassel garland

We’ll transform your kitchen towel into a fun bouquet of pom pom flowers, ready to shimmy across any space so that you won’t be the only one dancing at your garden party! Read on to see our second innovative DIY garden decoration.

Takes about 5 hours (including drying time)

What you’ll need

  • Plenty Kitchen Towels
  • Large bowl
  • Water
  • Bright food colours
  • Spoon
  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Tapestry needle
  1. Pom pom flower & tassel garland 01 Dye the sheets of kitchen towels with food colours as before and allow to dry. This is where a kitchen paper that’s really strong and absorbent comes in handy, so it doesn’t fall apart in the liquid!
  2. Pom pom flower & tassel garland 02 To make the pom pom flowers, first place two sheets of the same colour paper together and cut in half with scissors.
  3. Pom pom flower & tassel garland 03 Then, lay the four pieces together in a bundle, and neatly fold the paper in an accordion style.
  4. Pom pom flower & tassel garland 04 Next, tie some thread around the middle to hold the folds together, and then cut the ends into rounded shapes with scissors.
  5. Pom pom flower & tassel garland 05 Now you’re ready to open out the folds and let your flowers bloom. Gently pull apart the layers of paper and fluff them to form a 3D flower. Repeat steps 2-5 with the other colours of dyed kitchen towel.
  6. Pom pom flower & tassel garland 06 To make the tassels, first cut a sheet of dyed kitchen towel in half. Place the two pieces together, then fold in half and cut into thin strips. Repeat with the other colours.
  7. Pom pom flower & tassel garland 07 Holding a bundle of folded strips together, tie some thread around the folded end.
  8. Pom pom flower & tassel garland 08 Finally, assemble the garland. Thread a tapestry needle with string and carefully poke it through the thread around the middle of a paper flower. Then thread it through the top of a tassel and continue until all the flowers and tassels are attached.

And that’s it! Learning how to make garden decorations is easy when you know how. Try this fun DIY garden décor today and see what a difference it can make to your garden.

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