5 delicious family picnic ideas for lazy sunny days

Enjoy all of the messiest (yummiest) picnic food and solve any spills with the shake of a picnic blanket

Picnic Ideas

You can’t beat a family picnic as a fun way to enjoy good food in the great outdoors. But just as exciting as the picnic itself is the preparation of it – especially with our five tasty picnic ideas for kids.

5 brilliant picnic food ideas for family outings


Why not host your own ‘bake off’ picnic? Put each member of the family in charge of mastering one of these recipe ideas (providing they’re old enough), and see who wins the all-important taste test.

1. All-in-one sandwiches

We’ve all been there: the fillings fall onto the grass as soon as the kids pull their sandwiches out of the hamper. Filled breads are one of the best picnic food ideas to combat this kind of sandwich catastrophe.

Bake a loaf packed full of your favourite ingredients, and everyone will get a tasty mouthful with every bite – minus the potential of falling fillings. Try a roasted vegetable picnic bread or pesto focaccia wrapped in a strong piece of Plenty The Stylish One kitchen roll for crumb-free picnicking.


Keep picnic food fresh by wrapping it in a piece of kitchen paper that’s safe on food, like Plenty. It’ll come in handy for soaking up those inevitable spills too!

2. Stacked salads

Vegetable sticks and hummus dips are typically a big hit with kids, and a healthy one too. They might seem like the sort of snack that has to be eaten at a table, but they can travel quite easily with one small switch-up: a jar. They look really appetising and are easy to transport.

Homemade food jars are one of the most fun picnic ideas for kids, as they can get involved with the layering. Start off with hummus at the bottom, and then add in colourful layers of red peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots. Cut into bite-size pieces first.


We all want to leave our favourite picnic spots just as beautiful as we found them. To make sure no wrappers escape and make a break for the trees, get the whole family involved in the clean-up. It’s a great way to teach kids about sharing responsibility and taking care of nature, too.

3. Savoury muffins

It seems like almost anything tastes better when it’s presented in a muffin case. Use that to your advantage when making appealing picnic food for kids by mixing up a batch of savoury muffins.

It’s also a practical way to carry a typically non-transportable meal to the great outdoors. They’re simple enough for the kids to make with you, too. Try crowd-pleasers like egg, pumpkin or sweet potato muffins.

4. Granola bars

Cereal bars are pretty much fail-safe when it comes to picnic food for kids, and they’ll fill the kids with energy – perfect for kicking a football around with mum and dad. Try creating your own versions; they’ll be even tastier and healthier, with the added bonus of being great fun to make. Encourage the kids to get their hands dirty mixing oats, seeds and chopped nuts sweetened with honey, dates and dried fruits.

This is one of those picnic ideas for kids that they’ll be begging you to recreate for their school lunchboxes too.

5. Pudding jars

Desserts can be one of the trickiest parts of a meal to convert to a picnic rug. Traditional picnic ideas for puddings might not work well for your family, as they’re often laden with fat and sugar. If you’re looking for family picnic ideas for sweet yet healthy treats, jars come into their own again.

Create your version of a berry cheesecake with a biscuit or granola base topped with fresh raspberries and strawberries. Finish with a generous dollop of yogurt on top, and then dig in with a spoon. Don’t forget to bring an ice box to keep the jars cool while you enjoy playing with the kids.


Picnics can be a sticky business! Don’t forget to bring a packet of Plenty Handy Towels. With these easy-to-grab single sheets of kitchen paper, you can wipe up hands and faces quickly and get back to having fun.

That’s it! Five gorgeous picnic ideas for your next summer outing. Or whenever – you can always camp out indoors when the weather isn’t co-operating.

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