The ultimate family camping checklist

Campfire chats? Check. Fresh air in your lungs? Check. Forgotten the tent pegs? Not this time!

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Camping with the family is great fun and you can make it as comfortable as possible with a comprehensive packing list. Camping requires plenty of essentials, so we’re here to help you put together a thorough camping checklist before you set off.

What do you need for camping?

Sleeping bags, torches, cooking equipment… the list could go on and on. When putting together your camping equipment list the key thing to remember is that you want your temporary home to be fun, comfy and hygienic. Don’t forget to download our camping checklist!


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Family camping checklist: what do you need for camping?

  1. Tent and sleeping bags. Absolutely key in any list for camping. Make sure the tent is roomy enough for you all and in good condition. Choose sleeping bags that are warm and cosy as well as lightweight and durable.
  2. Camping chairs. You’re going to need something to sit on to enjoy the outdoor life in comfort.
  3. Sun protection. Make sure you’ve got high strength sunscreen and SPF lip balm on your packing list. Camping sunglasses and a sun hat are also important.
  4. Spare clothing and quality raincoats. Add plenty of extra clothing on your camping checklist, along with waterproof jackets, to cover all weather possibilities.
  5. Tools and gadgets. There are plenty of gadgets and tools that are worth adding to your camping equipment list. These include a torch, batteries, multi-tool pocket knives, and a portable phone charger.
  6. Cooking equipment. Want to ensure the whole family can eat well? Pack a good quality camping stove! Don’t forget to add matches and/or a lighter as well as the relevant fuel (such as gas canisters) and mess tins or cooking utensils.
  7. Food and drink. Think simple and hearty foods. You want meals that are easy to prepare, plenty of snacks to keep you all going, and fluids to keep everyone hydrated. Transporting and storing food safely is key too so a large cooler is another piece of vital kit to include on your camping checklist.
  8. Medical supplies. Ensure you pack a fully stocked first aid kit, including plasters, child-friendly insect repellent, and medicines that any family members are currently taking.
  9. Backpack. No list for camping would be complete without a sturdy backpack. When you’re out and about you’re going to need someone to carry the day’s essentials. Choose one that is strong, large, and has plenty of pockets.
  10. Trash bags for rubbish. To make sure you leave your camping pitch just as you found it.
  11. All-rounder kitchen towels. Whether you’re mopping up spills, or wiping down muddy wellies, you can never have enough Plenty kitchen paper on a family camping trip.

Now that you have a better idea of what you need for camping with the family, you’ll be able to focus on the most important thing: having fun together!


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