Tips for a sparkling BBQ: How to clean a grill

Forgotten what a burger without a coal coating tastes like? Here's how to clean your BBQ

Man bereidt een barbecue voor in de achtertuin van het gezin

Imagine the scene: it’s a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a barbecue. You’ve got stacks of buttered bread to your left, fresh salad to your right, and burgers ready to go on the grill. You give your BBQ grill a clean with kitchen paper (which is all it needs – you gave it a scrub after the last use), fire up the coals and start cooking.

Not your usual experience? It could be from now on. Put in the effort now, and you won’t have to worry about forgotten dirt delaying your next big cook-out. Here’s how to clean a grill the right way.


Keep a roll of Plenty Flexisheets on hand during your next BBQ. Single sheets of kitchen paper make a fuss-free plate for burgers, but they’re also strong enough to stop your hands getting greasy.

How to clean BBQ grill bars after the long winter

Think about your BBQ. If you know the grill is currently buried under the relics of last summer’s al fresco dining, then scrubbing alone won’t do the trick. Here’s the best way to clean BBQ grill bars, ready for your next summer party:

  1. Get your BBQ up to full heat and put the lid on. Wait 15-20 minutes for grease and food remains to burn to carbon.
  2. Allow the grill time to cool down, so it’s safe to touch, although we still recommend wearing gloves. It’s a messy job.
  3. Use a steel brush to scrub the blackened remains off the bars of the grill.
  4. Wash each bar with a strong household towel dipped in warm, soapy water.
  5. Dry thoroughly with a fresh household towel to prevent rusting.
  6. After the grill is dry, wipe each individual rod with a clean paper towel to clear any remnants of old grease or soap.

The best way to clean a BBQ regularly in the summer

Now you know the best way to clean a BBQ ahead of the season, what do you need to do in between each use to keep it hygienic? While you don’t need to do a deep clean every time, it's still important to give it a scrub after every use. This will keep your BBQ grill clean so you can spend more time cooking (and eating) and less time scrubbing.

  1. After the grill has cooled to a warm temperature that’s safe to touch, give it an initial wipe with a paper towel to remove thick grease and loose pieces of stuck-on food.
  2. Go over the grill with a scrubbing brush and warm soapy water. As any food residue will be fresh, you shouldn’t need to scrub too hard.
  3. Dry with a fresh household towel and give each bar an extra polish with a clean kitchen towel to get rid of any final traces of grease or soap suds.
  4. Start looking forward to your next BBQ on a grill that’s clean!

If you don’t have a traditional coal barbecue, then you can follow similar steps to keep your gas grill clean. Just remember to take extra caution when working near the gas and ensure the flame is fully extinguished before starting.

Once you’ve got your grill clean, it’s time to start planning your next summer event. Send the invites, spruce up the garden, and let the good times begin!

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