How to defrost bread without turning it soggy 

Freezing your bread is a smart way to avoid waste — but icicle sandwiches are no fun

How To Defrost Bread

Ever find your housemates made you a sandwich where one slice is soggy and slipping through your fingers, whilst your fillings are sliding off the other, solid, still frozen slice?  

At least they tried! 

Here’s the best way to defrost bread. Well, actually, we’ve got three different ways to defrost bread for you so that you can say goodbye to any sad sandwiches. 

How to defrost bread

Figuring out the quickest way to defrost bread is way easier if you know how to freeze it properly in the first place. Here’s how to freeze it for the best/tastiest results: 

  • Let any warm bread cool to room temperature before freezing it. Otherwise, when you come to defrost frozen bread, you might find it crumbles and falls apart.  
  • Keep the bread covered in a bag. If the icy temperatures get directly to the bread it will spoil. A bag also prevents bacteria forming, and will mean that you don’t end up with bread that’s too dry.
  • If you know that you’ll only want a few slices at a time, divide your portions into separate bags. This might make it easier to store an entire loaf, too.

Follow these steps and when the time comes to defrost bread you’ll get the best results.

The easiest way to defrost bread

For a simple, hassle-free method to defrost frozen bread, simply take it out of the freezer and leave it to come to room temperature on its own. If you’re defrosting a whole loaf, leave the bread in its bag and it’ll defrost in three to four hours.  

But if you’re hungry and need your BLT a bit quicker, take a look at how to defrost bread in a microwave. 

How to defrost bread quickly

The quickest way to defrost bread is to do it in the microwave. And it’s really easy too. If you’re in a hurry to get your bread defrosted, here’s how to defrost bread quickly:

  1. Remove the bread from the freezer and wrap it completely in kitchen towel.
  2. Place your bread on the microwave plate, making sure slices don’t overlap.
  3. Set the dial to 10 or 15 seconds and off you go.
  4. Less is always more, so start off with short blasts in the microwave – you can always pop it in for a few more seconds.

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It’s best to defrost bread in microwave ovens by covering it in large kitchen towels, like Plenty The Extra Big One, to absorb any moisture. This will prevent the bread from going soggy. This will help to stop your bread from going all soggy – no one likes wet bread.

How to defrost bread in the oven

Using an oven is the best way to defrost bread if you want to make your home smell like a bakery for a moment. And your bread will come out warm and with a crust – delicious! Here’s how: 

  1. Set your oven to 200 °C and.
  2. Place your bread right in the centre.
  3. Let it warm for five minutes before removing.
  4. Give it five to 10 minutes to cool; and enjoy!

There you go – no more peeling soggy sandwiches off of plates or watching your frozen sandwich sliding off your plate, sending tuna mayonnaise all over the carpet. Bon Appétit! 

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