How to make cleaning fun for kids (and easier for yourself) — in 8 ways 

There's no way your kids can make a mess whilst cleaning up... is there?

Kids Cleaning

Maybe their room is covered in clothes after trying to find that perfect outfit for the family shindig. Maybe their toys are scattered all over the floor... Again. Or maybe that face you pulled was so funny that they couldn’t help spitting their chewed-up cereal everywhere...  

Whatever’s happened – that shirt-covered floor or sticky tablecloth just a part of family life. Luckily, cleaning it up together can be a fun way to spend quality time together, too! 

Here are some of our favourite cleaning games for kids that’ll keep them entertained throughout. 

1. Dress up

One of the best ways to get children cleaning is to dress up in something special. Whether it’s a superhero cleaning costume, handkerchiefs in the hair or a special apron, it’ll spark their imagination and distract them from the fact that they’re actually just helping you out.

2. Set a timer

Set a timer and challenge your kids to clean up their toys as quickly as they seem to launch them around the room. OK, maybe not – but timing tasks is a great tactic for keeping the motivation going when dishing out cleaning jobs for kids 

3. Crank up the music

We love putting some music on as a bit of encouragement and the same goes for kids. Play their favourite songs as they complete each task and have a good old sing-along as you go. But don’t be afraid to stick on some throwbacks if you think your excellent dancing will make them try to finish even faster just so they can leave. 

4. Choose fun cleaning products

The more visual a product, the more appealing it is for kids’ cleaning. Sure, wiping a spill on the bathroom floor isn’t particularly exciting, but if your little one gets to use a fun product to do so it becomes more appealing. Plenty Flexisheets is formed of single and half sheets of paper towel that are easy to grab for little fingers, even with just one hand.

5. Play kids' cleaning games

Anytime you can incorporate cleaning games you’re onto a winner – turn sorting and tidying clothes by colour or family member into a puzzle. And then try to get them to find and match any odd socks at the end (every game needs a boss level at the end!). 

6. Keep kitchen paper in every room in the house

You might have heard played ‘the floor is lava’, but if you keep a roll of kitchen paper in each room, you can turn that into ‘the spill is lava’ that’ll have them scrambling for the paper towel as soon as a drop of juice hits the carpet. Plenty paper towels are super absorbent and strong even when wet, making it ideal for soaking up spills and messes in any room.


Cleaning tools that are easy for small hands to use will help to keep young kids involved with the whole process. Plenty Flexisheets is made up of half sheets as well as full sheets! Choose what you use each time.

7. Embrace sibling rivalry

In addition to the benefits of cleaning games for kids, healthy competition can work really well if you’ve got more than one child. Whether cleaning games are time-focussed or scored out of 10, beating a sibling at something can be very motivating. For an only child you could be their competitor… just remember to let them win sometimes!  

8. Encourage, encourage, encourage

Just as we’re not always in the mood to clean, your kids won’t be either. But some jobs for kids will be more appealing. Whether it’s washing up, sorting clothes for the laundry, or wiping up spills on the floor, if they find a task, they enjoy more than others, just go with it. For the tasks they’re not so into, rewarding them for a job well done will soon make it seem like more fun. 

That’s how to make kids’ cleaning fun. Now you just have to hope they don’t start slinging gloopy bowls of porridge or squirting paint on the floor just so they can clean it up again! 

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