Cleaning games for kids – how to make cleaning fun

There's no way your kids can make a mess whilst cleaning up... is there?

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Cleaning games for kids - how to make cleaning fun

Making cleaning for children a fun activity can seem like a great challenge, but with a few handy tricks and cleaning games you’ll soon have a little assistant ready and willing to help you with the household chores. And how rewarding will it be when they’ve helped you tidy their toys, make the beds and clean the bathroom? Bliss! Our seven tops tips will help you figure out how to make cleaning fun for kids, from using the right products to inventing cleaning games for kids that will tap into their competitive side.

How to think up cleaning games for kids

Anytime you can incorporate cleaning games you're onto a winner. This works particularly well when sorting clothes and tidying, as you can ask them to match colours and items, like odd socks. Make it seem like a puzzle and it goes from boring to fun in no time.

1. Dress up

One of the best ways to get children cleaning is to dress up. Whether it’s a superhero cleaning costume, handkerchiefs in the hair or a special apron, it’ll spark their imagination and distract them from the fact that they’re actually just helping you out.

2. Set a timer

Timing the task is a great tactic for keeping the motivation going when dishing out cleaning jobs for kids. Set a timer and note down how long it took. Next time they can aim to beat it – just remember to keep a close eye on quality control here!

3. Crank up the music

We all know that music can get you energised as an adult and the same goes for kids. Play their favourite songs as they complete each task and have a good old sing-along as you go. When it comes to a quick fix for how to make cleaning fun for kids, this is definitely one of the easiest options!

4. Choose fun cleaning products

The more visual a product, the more appealing it is for kids’ cleaning. Sure, wiping a spill on the bathroom floor isn’t particularly exciting, but if your little one gets to use a fun product to do so it becomes more appealing. Plenty Handy Towels come in a choice of six designs to make jobs for kids that little bit more exciting.

5. Keep kitchen paper in every room in the house

The kids are much more likely to wipe up as they go if they don’t have to make a trek to the kitchen every time they make a small spill. Keep a pack of kitchen paper in every room of the house and their response will be much quicker! You can even make it into a competition for who can clean up spills the quickest. Plenty paper towels are super absorbent and strong even when wet, making it ideal for soaking up spills and messes in any room.


Cleaning tools that are easy for small hands to use will help to keep young kids involved with the whole process. Plenty Handy Towels have a specially designed opening that dispenses single sheets of paper towel that are easy to grab for little fingers, even with just one hand.

6. Embrace sibling rivalry

In addition to the benefits of cleaning games for kids, healthy competition can work really well if you’ve got more than one child. Whether cleaning games are time-focussed or scored out of 10, beating a brother or sister at something can be very motivating. For an only child you could be their competitor… it’s good to let them win sometimes, though, to keep it fun!

7. Encourage, encourage, encourage

There are endless chores in the home and your kids won’t be on board with everything. Cleaning for children isn’t going to be a number one activity, but some jobs for kids will be more appealing, especially if you can introduce cleaning games. Whether it’s washing up, sorting clothes for the laundry, or wiping up spills on the floor, if they find a task they enjoy more than others, just go with it. For the tasks they’re not so into, turning them into a game or rewarding them for a job well done will soon make it seem like more fun.

Getting your little ones to help out will certainly make your life easier, and with a good game plan you can make kids’ cleaning fun. Give these tips a try and you’ll have your children cleaning (and loving it) in no time.

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