Spilt milk on the carpet? Here’s how to clean it up 

An upturned bowl of cereal on the carpet wasn't the morning you pictured, but it’s easy to salvage

Spilt Milk On Carpet

Milk is a firm favourite for much of the population, from cereal in the morning to the baby’s bottle throughout the day to that warm drink at bedtime. Whilst milk is a great source of protein and essential vitamins,1 it can come with the odd milk spill now and again. 

At Plenty, we truly believe there is no point crying over spilt milk. Life’s messy. It happens. And although it’s nothing to cry about, we all know that spilt milk on the carpet can get really smelly. And although it’s not as stubborn as chewing gum on your carpet, you may be searching for the best way to clean milk from carpet. Look no further and follow these four simple steps for getting milk out of carpets: 

  1. Blot the milk spill 
  2. Clean the stain 
  3. Sprinkle over bicarbonate of soda 
  4. Vacuum 

Read on to discover more details about this minimal fuss, four step action plan for cleaning up spilled milk. 

Why do milk spills cause carpet stains? 

Before we show you how to clean up spilt milk on the carpet it’s a good idea to know why it’s so important to do so. So, why do you get such an unsightly carpet stain from milk spills? 

  • Milk is made up of fats and protein. 
  • These compounds adhere to the carpet fibres. 
  • Enzymes are required to break down the compounds, which is why a stain is left behind if the milk spill is not dealt with swiftly. 
  • Milk spill stains will be less evident on cream or white carpet – but the smell they emanate will be just as bad. 

Your 4-step guide for how to clean milk out of carpet areas 

Whether it’s a baby with their evening bottle or an adult getting their dairy fix who’s caused the spillage, now you know why it’s important to clean up a milk spill before it causes a stain. And if you act fast, there's no need to cry over spilled milk! Here are the four simple steps you need to follow for cleaning up spilt milk on the carpet:

Step 1: Blot the milk spill. 

When somebody’s spilled milk on carpet, you don’t have time to waste, because the longer you leave it the smellier it will get. Here’s how to blot the milk spill: 

  • Deal with milks immediately. It’s a good idea to keep kitchen paper in several rooms of the house, especially a pack that’s designed with an easy-grab dispenser, like Plenty Flexisheets. 
  • Gently blot the milk spill, taking care not to rub it into the carpet. Simply grab a piece of kitchen paper and avert the milk disaster as soon as possible to avoid lasting stains. 
  • Keep blotting until you have soaked up all the excess spilled milk. Unlike ordinary kitchen paper, Plenty is really strong when wet, so you can be confident loading it up with liquid.  


Keeping a pack of kitchen paper in every room is convenient - Plenty Flexisheets lets you choose how much you use depending on your needs!

Step 2: Clean the stain. 

Once the liquid is absorbed and blotted, here’s how to get the milk out of the carpet: 

  • Use cold water to wash the area. Always work from the outside of the stain in, so you don’t push the stain further out in to the carpet. 
  • Apply a carpet cleaning spray or mousse to the stain, ensuring you follow the instructions on the label.  
  • If you don’t have a cleaner to hand, try making your own solution by mixing together two cups of water with one tablespoon of washing-up liquid.  
  • Take a piece of kitchen paper that’s strong enough when wet for wringing and scrubbing, such as Plenty, and gently work the solution into the milk stain.  
  • As with any new cleaning method, always test on an inconspicuous area first before covering the whole area. 

Step 3: Sprinkle the area with bicarbonate of soda. 

This is the next step to fully clean milk from carpet: 

  • Blot the stain once again with absorbent kitchen paper. 
  • Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda or corn flour over the affected area.  
  • Leave for around 30 minutes to draw out any remaining moisture and spilled-milk smell. 

Step 4: Vacuum. 

Your fourth and final step to ensure you carpet is milk spill-free is to vacuum the whole area. Here are a few ways vacuuming helps to clean milk from a carpet: 

  • Vacuuming will remove any residual bicarb or corn flour.  
  • Vacuuming will also ensure that you remove any flakes of dried spilt milk on any carpet fibres.  

Getting milk out of the carpet really can be that easy if you spring into action immediately. But even if you weren’t aware of the milk spill straight away, you can still clean milk from carpet areas effectively. Just follow the next step. 


Spilled milk in the car? Keeping a roll of Plenty Flexisheet with you – whether it’s in the car or in a day bag – can be a real life saver for life’s little spills. With Flexisheet, you choose what you use, so whether the spill is big or small, you’ll always have the right amount of Plenty kitchen roll to hand.

How to get milk out of carpet areas when it’s dried 

If you haven’t noticed the milk spill until it’s had time to set in, don’t panic! In just 5 simple steps we’ll show you how to get milk out of carpets when it’s had the chance to dry: 

  1. Test this method on an inconspicuous area before you get started. 
  2. Then, gently scrape the dried milk with a blunt knife, being careful not to damage the carpet by cutting its threads.  
  3. Use cold water to clean the stain. 
  4. Next, rub the stained area with an old toothbrush and washing-up liquid. 
  5. Use clean, fresh water to rinse the area clean.  

How to get milk spill smells out of your carpet 

Didn’t have the chance to mop up that milk straight away? Well, you may be thinking, “I spilled milk on my carpet and it stinks!” Unfortunately, milk spill can leave a nasty smell when it’s allowed to dry. But fear not! Simply follow these steps for how to get spoiled milk smell out of carpet: 

  1. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water. 
  2. Spray the solution liberally over the affected area. 
  3. Finally, use a paper towel to blot the area afterwards.  

With these tips on how to get milk out of the carpet you’ll never have to fear that dreaded sour milk odour again. Keeping a convenient, easy-grab Plenty Towels of single sheets in spill zones makes it really easy to clean milk from carpets before it starts to smell or cause damage, leaving you free to enjoy that family favourite. 


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