Spilt milk on the carpet? Here’s how to clean it up before it stinks 

An upturned bowl of cereal on the carpet wasn't the morning you pictured, but it’s easy to salvage

Spilt Milk On Carpet

Whether that ‘none-leak’ sippy cup decided to do a milky impression of the Niagara falls, or your cat took an envious swipe at your cereal bowl, if you’ve spilt milk on a carpet, there’s one rule and one rule only: act fast. Here’s our getting-milk-out-of-carpets-response-plan that’ll ensure your carpet doesn’t stink the house out. 

1. Blot the milk spill

When there’s spilt milk on carpet you don’t have time to waste, because the longer you leave it the more gross – and stinky – it will get. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep kitchen paper in several rooms of the house, especially a pack that’s designed with an easy-grab dispenser, Plenty Handy Towels. It means you can grab a piece of kitchen paper with one hand and avert milk disaster with the other, without even having to run to the kitchen and back.

Soak up as much of the spilled milk as possible by blotting the milk spill with the absorbent kitchen paper. Unlike ordinary kitchen paper, Plenty is really strong when wet, so you can be confident loading it up with the spilled milk. Just maybe don’t wring it back into your cereal bowl… 


Keeping a pack of kitchen paper in every room is convenient, but it doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. Plenty Handy Towels come in six different designs to suit every taste and every room of the house.

2. Clean the stain

Once the spill is absorbed and blotted, apply a carpet cleaning spray or mousse to the stain, ensuring you follow the instructions on the label. You could also try making your own solution by mixing together two cups of water with one tablespoon of washing-up liquid. Take a piece of kitchen paper that’s strong enough when wet for wringing and scrubbing, such as Plenty, and gently work the solution into the milk stain. As with any new cleaning method, always test on an inconspicuous area (not that family blanket that’s been passed down since the dawn of time) first before covering the whole area.

3. Sprinkle the area

The next step to fully clean milk from carpet is to blot the stain once again with absorbent kitchen paper, before sprinkling bicarbonate of soda or corn flour over the disaster zone. Leave for around 30 minutes to draw out any remaining moisture and spilled-milk smell.

4. Vacuum

Finally, simply vacuum the whole area to remove any residual bicarb or corn flour. Vacuuming will also ensure that you remove any flakes of dried spilt milk on carpet fibres. Getting milk out of the carpet really can be that easy if you spring into action immediately. But even if you weren’t aware of the milk spill straight away, you can still clean milk from carpet areas effectively. Just follow the next step. 

How to get milk out of carpet areas when it’s dried

If you haven’t noticed the milk spill until it’s had time to set in, it’s cool – you’ve got this. First, gently scrape the dried spilled milk with a blunt knife. Use cold water to clean the stain, and then rub with an old (make sure it’s old – even if you have had a falling out with your housemate) toothbrush and washing-up liquid before rinsing. Don’t forget to test this on an inconspicuous area before you get started. If the nose-implodingly-bad odour of milk on the carpet lingers, fill a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water and spray over the area, blotting with a paper towel afterwards.

With these tips on how to get milk out of the carpet you’ll never have to fear that dreaded sour milk odour again. Keeping a convenient, easy-grab packet of Plenty Handy Towels in spill zones makes it really easy to clean milk from carpets before it starts to smell or cause damage, leaving you free to enjoy milk every day.

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