How to declutter your house – and keep it that way

Avoid getting trapped under an avalanche of old takeaway menus and Tupperware next time you open a drawer

Woman unpacking a cardboard box during a house decluttering

Few activities will give you a sense of calm and accomplishment quite like decluttering the house properly. But throwing away once-loved objects and organising the rest of them comes can be a challenge. Here you’ll find house decluttering tips that’ll help you free up space and maintain your calm oasis for longer.

Divide and conquer to declutter the home

Start by sizing the task ahead of you and be realistic about how long it will take. It’ll stop you from being de-motivated when you find it can’t be done in one go. Depending on the size of your flat or house, decluttering could take more than a day or even a weekend. If you want to do a really thorough job, it’s best to declutter the house over multiple weekends, tackling one room at a time.

Be methodical with your house decluttering. Divide the whole place into manageable sections: first into rooms, then into each corner or cupboard of the room. To declutter your home really effectively, try to make sure you’ve considered every last gifted ornament before officially finishing the job.


Prepare to tackle all the cluttered corners of your house with a pack of Plenty Flexisheets on hand. With single sheets ready to pick up with one hand, you’ll be ready to dust, wipe and polish as you go!

Decluttering tips for the bathroom

Bathrooms get cluttered up quickly with forgotten pots of body lotion and various loofahs. The bathroom is one of the more intimidating stages of decluttering the home, but possibly the most satisfying.

Take every single product you’ve got in your bathroom off the shelves. If you never use it or you didn’t know you had it, put it in a box to give away, recycle or chuck in the bin. And before you replace the products you actually use, give your bathroom a clean!

How to declutter your house essentials and kitchen utensils

We spend much of our life in the kitchen, so naturally things accumulate that shouldn’t be there. Start decluttering the kitchen by putting any non-kitchen items back where they should be. Throw away any food or jars that are out of date and donate any pans, utensils or appliances your no longer use.

Lastly, keep everything you do need regularly close to hand. Designate a spot for your trusty Plenty Towels, so you’re ready to grab them whenever you need to. Organise larger utensils like wooden spoons and spatulas separately from smaller items such as spoons, so you can access things easily.

Maintaining the tidiness

Now you know how to declutter your house, but do you know how to keep it that way? Maintaining a clutter-free home is about changing your habits day-to-day, and eventually you’ll find you don’t need to spend lots of time tidying up the house, because you’ll do it naturally as you go.

  • Have a place for everything and make sure it’s in sight – that means a spot for your stationary, a box for your spare wires and a place for every utensil. That way you’ll know what you have and you won’t double-up buying new things by accident. Buy storage for anything that’s missing a home.
  • Throw away as you go. Don’t wait to declutter your house – get the whole household on board with throwing things away as soon as they realise they’re not used.
  • Keep things clean and dust-free. Cleaning and dusting is easier and more motivating when the house is organised. Take advantage by wiping surfaces daily so that they’re both tidy and sparkling! Running a moistened piece of kitchen paper across surfaces will do the trick. Choose one that’s strong even when wet – like Plenty.

Now you’re properly organised, keeping your home clean and looking great will be a breeze!

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