How to clean a wall so it sparkles like new

If these walls could talk... they’d probably be asking for a good scrub

Baby boy writing on a clean wallpaper with crayons

The walls of your home can tell many different stories. They show the mark of a great party, the first works of an artistic child, or the importance of securing the top of your blender next time you make a smoothie.

Making walls a bit grubby is part of an active life at home. Here’s how to clean walls easily, and how to wash a wall – we’ve even got advice on how to clean a white wall or get that look of clean wallpaper back again.


It’s important to make sure you test your cleaning method in an inconspicuous area when washing your walls. Otherwise, you could end up creating some interesting ‘wall art’ for all to see.

Clean wallpaper and other types of walls

You’ll find washing a wall – whatever type - a lot easier if you can identify the stains you’re cleaning. If it’s a water-based stain such as cooking sauces or drinks, a damp piece of kitchen paper should be enough to remove them. Then there are oil-based stains. These include things like fingerprints, grease from cooking, mayonnaise, and shoe polish. You’ll need something a little stronger than water to get rid of these. So how do you clean a wall with an oil-based stain? Try using a mix of water and mild dish soap, or a homemade mix with white vinegar.


A moistened Plenty Kitchen Towel is ideal for the job of cleaning walls. It’s strong when wet, so it’ll hold together for wiping and wringing, and it’s less abrasive than most cloths so it’ll go easy on your paint finish.

How to clean white walls (or any other colour for that matter)

Whether it’s for a sparkling home or for the sake of your security deposit, here’s how to clean painted walls.

  1. Prepare your cleaning mix – A bit of warm soapy water will do the job.
  2. Brush away any dry surface dust with a dry piece if kitchen paper – this will stop the dust from being rubbed into the wall and making more of a mess.
  3. Dip your kitchen paper into the mixture, squeezing out the excess liquid. Wipe in gentle circles to protect your paint or wallpaper. Repeat this process with a new piece of kitchen paper if the old one gets mucky to help stop the spread of the mess.
  4. Work your way from top to bottom, so that any drips will only touch the section you’re about to clean.
  5. Once you’ve finished wiping, wet a fresh piece of kitchen paper with clean water, wring it out and wipe the area to remove any soapy residue. Dap the area with a dry piece of kitchen paper.

Maintain fresh walls by dusting them down every now and again. It’ll brighten up the room and make a surprising difference. Use a hoover or an extendable duster to reach fiddly corners and sweep the floor when you’re done.

Those are our top tips for how to clean painted walls, wallpapered walls and other types of walls you have in your home. Remember to do this little and often to prevent mess and stains building up, so that you can enjoy a fresh, clean home.

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