How to clean skirting boards that you’ve forgotten about 

Your cat has been using the skirting boards as a little shelf for shedding hairs – it’s time to reclaim your territory

How to clean skirting boards that you’ve forgotten about

Your other half is on a mission to clean the whole house. They’ve been super thorough and the job’s finally done. They collapse down onto the sofa, exhausted, but not before you tentatively point out that they, erm, forgot to clean the skirting boards. 

But that’s ok – because everyone forgets the skirting boards: caked in dust or covered in whatever went SPLAT on the wall before dripping down onto them. You're more than ready for the challenge, though, because what says, “I love you too,” better than working together to get the job done? Besides, once you know how to clean skirting boards, it’s a really simple thing to stick on the list.  

The best way to clean skirting boards

When it comes to the best way to clean baseboards or skirting boards, there are some key steps to follow. Once you’re prepared and know what to use to clean baseboards it’s a doddle when someone forgets to dust them (or when your pet decides it’s their new favourite itching post). Here’s how to clean baseboards and skirting boards:

1. Remove dust and debris

The first step, whether you’re cleaning moderately or heavily stained skirting boards, is to dust. Skirting boards are a magnet for dust and you need to get rid of it before moving on. In terms of choosing a skirting board duster, a strong paper towel works really well.


Plenty The Extra Big One is great at removing dust and grime on skirting boards. It makes a great skirting board duster, especially when dampened and run along the top and edges to pick up stray pet hairs. It remains strong even when wet and picks up all that dust and hair, which makes it more than up to the job!

One of the best way to clean baseboards is to follow up this dusting stage with a vacuum cleaner around the surrounding carpet. Click the brush attachment onto your vacuum and suck up any remaining debris on the skirting boards themselves, then turn your attention to the floor below. If you’re just spot cleaning, you’ll only need the first dust. And if your vacuum cleaner is struggling – check it’s not full of the last spill that happened in the house! 

2. Wipe down surfaces

Once all the dust is gone, you’ll need to decide what to use to clean the baseboards. As with a lot of cleaning solutions, the best skirting board ideas are simple, and often all you’ll need is a little soapy water:

  • Immerse a piece of kitchen paper in hot, soapy water.
  • Squeeze it out and wipe down the skirting.
  • Repeat the process as necessary before clearing any leftover soapy residue with clean water and a new cloth.

3. Get rid of heavy stains

If simple soap and water fails, a vinegar solution can be the best way to clean skirting boards. The acidic nature of the vinegar will help break down any stubborn residue, and get rid of nasty marks. Here’s how to clean baseboards with vinegar:

  • Combine white vinegar with warm water.
  • Dip a strong, absorbent kitchen towel into the solution.
  • Always test any new cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area to check for any adverse reactions before proceeding.
  • Apply pressure and wipe at the stain.
  • Wipe down with clean water.

Skirting boards are one of those things that just accumulate dirt and gunk – you might not notice it happen but at least cleaning them is easy. It’s a small thing, but all the small things make a difference to you and your family.   

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