2 easy yet stylish ways of folding paper napkins 

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Maybe you’ve got guests coming. Or maybe you feel like turning up the fancy on date-night. Whatever you’re feeling, some paper napkin folding will always make things more special. And it’s great to admire some paper napkin art (until you need it, which is usually during the first bite, where an overloaded fork turns your lap into a lake of sauce).   

Short on inspiration? Not to worry – these easy step-by-step guides to folding a napkin into the shape of flower and a cutlery cone can help you turn a humble paper towel or napkin into a work of art.  

Quick, cool and easy ways to fold napkins

These easy ways to fold napkins are easy enough for mum and dad, and even for little hands. We’ve used Plenty paper here, because it’s strong enough to hold these shapes, and its embossed design gives a pretty finish (even better if the kids colour it in!)

Folding a paper napkin into a lotus 

Folding a paper napkin into a lotus is easy, but looks difficult and impressive – which makes it perfect for a dinner party! Stick something on in the background and let your hands get to work on these: the more of these neat paper lotuses you make, the larger and fancier the bouquet: 

Things you’ll need 

What you’ll need

  1. For folding a napkin into the shape of flower, start by cutting your kitchen paper into a square. Then, fold it diagonally both ways, pressing down to crease it, and open it out. This will make a cross over the centre of the square.   
  2. Next, take one of your corners and fold it inwards, so it touches that centre point. Repeat on all four sides, so you end up with a smaller square with a cross going through it.  
  3. Flip the paper towel over, then fold the corners to meet the centre again. There should be a fold at the centre of each folded corner, pointing in towards the middle. 
  4. Finally, holding the centre down, reach underneath the napkin and gently pull up the corners, until they stand up to form the petals of your Lotus.  

How to fold a paper napkin or towel into a cone 

So, that’s the lotus flower. But maybe you want something more practical? Or maybe something a bit quicker if you’re reading this with 15 minutes to mealtime. We’ve all been there. Here’s what to do: 

Things you’ll need 

What you’ll need

  • Plenty kitchen paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  1. First, cut the kitchen paper into an equal-sized square. Then lay it flat on the table, and fold it in half so it forms a rectangle, and in half again to form a square.  
  2. Next, turn it so that it looks like a diamond.  Take the top corner of the top layer and fold it over all the way down to the bottom corner, and press it flat.  
  3. Now turn the paper over, keeping it in its diamond shape. Fold the right corner of the napkin to the middle and press flat. Then fold the left corner over the right, and tuck the corner inside.   


Plenty’s Extra Big One is even bigger than normal sheets of Plenty, so it is perfect for folding into impressive designs, and might make the process even easier for little hands.

And remember, whilst these two shapes are very nice, the most important shape your kitchen towel can take is when it’s scrunched or folded into something that’ll help you wipe off your spoon when it inevitably slinks and plops into that red-hot bowl of soup… 

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